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Diwali Preparation Tips at Home for New Parents


Samadrita Chakraborty





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That time of the year is here again! Sounds of crackers and the aroma of fragrance sticks will cover your locality, and a crowd of people will join in with happiness in vibrant clothes. Yes, you are right. We are talking about Diwali. 

As soon as October starts, preparation for Diwali begins in India. People from every region start their preparation. As a parent of a young child, you might have seen how your kid is over joyous during this season. The city’s spirit starts bubbling up, and your little one joins hands with it. They make crazy plans to savour happiness to the fullest. Now, it is your responsibility to double their joy and give meaning to their excitement with an excellent Diwali preparation

Home Decoration Ideas on Diwali

“Home is where the heart is.” On Diwali, we say, “Home is where the Diwali celebration is.” No home goes undecorated on Diwali, which is this festival’s charm. As a millennial, you know the enchanting magic of rangolis and diyas. Do you remember how crazy you were about the rangoli competition in your colony? Seed that spirit inside your kid and rejuvenate a new charm in them. 

Here are some fantastic home decoration ideas for you:

Hula-hoop Chandelier 


String lights have their own magic. Tie these little pieces of sparkling lights with the hula-hoop, and boom! The magic happens. You can create splendid views with these lights; the best thing about them is that you can use them both outside and inside your house. 

Glass Jar Lantern


Instil your little one’s soul with warmth and the pure beauty of art. Glass jars or spare bottles are usually considered good for nothing. But what’s not possible with art? Insert tiny fairy lights inside the pot and hang them from your window or on your balcony. Trust me, and they will add some charm beyond your imagination. 

Colourful Candles with Flowers

Antique gold flower

Diwali decoration ideas have changed over the years. With a drastic change in human civilisation, people’s taste in decoration has taken a new direction. Nowadays, they are up for giving their eyes a soothing and comforting view rather than making it unnecessarily gorgeous. Colourful candles and flowers would be a perfect match for creating placidity that will soothe your eyes. 

Festive Vibe Wallpapers

Pink Background

You may have started receiving multiple notifications from painting companies to paint your house before the festive season arrives. But, painting your entire home will not be cost-efficient. Try to capture the festive vibe with selected wallpapers. Wallpapers are cost-effective, and it does not require much time to fix as well. Choose a wallpaper that goes with your house decor. This Diwali, step out of the box and embrace a new decor idea. 

Ribbons & Balloons


Don’t you think we stereotype balloons only for birthday parties? Break the ritual and do something for the sake of the pure joy of your little one. Choose vibrant colour balloons like red and yellow and let them float in the air with the help of ribbons. 

What Special Dishes Are Prepared On Diwali

Is any Indian festival ever complete without smacking food? Diwali is a festival where many people from different communities participate and share the joy of being together. Food complements that happiness. Dishes that take top positions on the Diwali food list include:



With that magical taste and an enticing smell, samosa takes the winner position on the Diwali snacks list. You can use oil at a significantly lower rate for health-conscious people. Samosas go perfectly well with chai or coffee. So, if you are having a small Diwali party, make it even more cheerful with the addition of chai and Samosa. You will never realise when your party becomes a place filled with fun and warmth. 

Aloo Bonda 

Aloo Bonda

Woo your guests’ tastebuds with this fantastic taste of street food from the southern parts of India. A golden crispy coating of gram flour with potato stuffing makes the dish mouth-watering and one of the most desirable. 



Murukku, also known as “Chakli” in northern India, is a well-known snack item. Murukku is an easy-to-make dish during Diwali with the sweetness of flour and rice. 

Sooji Halwa

Sooji Halwa

Sooji Halwa is one of the most famous dishes in the country. The way salt completes every preparation, a touch of sweetness completes every Indian festival. So, choose that for your large gathering as you can make it in a great quantity and distribute it among your peers. It will be a major throwback to your childhood’s “Prasad Vitaran” across the colony. 

Gulab Jamun 

Gulab Jamoon

End the feast of Diwali by serving Gulab Jamun as a dessert. These delicious khoya balls dipped in thick sugar syrup are the perfect closure to a vibrant and joyful Diwali. 

Ending Highlight… 

The one thing that you never miss on Diwali is Rangoli. Bless your child with a perfect Diwali essence by decorating your lawn or drawing room with a vibrant rangoli. Make this Diwali worth remembering for your little ones and fill them with the positive energy they will carry for the whole year.

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