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Some Exceptional DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas


Samadrita Chakraborty




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NASA published a picture a few years back showing how vibrant a Diwali night looks in India. Lights cover the entire country. “Diya” has always been the centre of attraction for Diwali. Rangoli complements a decoration with Diya. So, both of them go hand-in-hand at this festival. 

This Diwali, let your house catch the limelight in your locality and invite your close ones to your home. Here are some DIY Diwali decoration ideas to try. Doing it alone would be boring. How about engaging your child as well? Children are always on their feet to work with colours, papers, and glue. Make this Diwali memorable for them. 

DIY Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

Lights & Photos 

Washi Tape Diwali Lights 

Patterns and colours make any celebration more vibrant. Make the dull and average Diwali diyas available in the market attractive. How to do it? Wrap some washi tape around it, and boom! Your diyas are done. Washi tapes are multipurpose. As they look like ribbons, you may get confused. Ask the shopkeeper to find the ideal one. If you are ordering it online, half of the problem is solved! Buy plenty of the tapes and in variety to make your diyas look prettier.

Lights & Photos 

Fairy lights in your preferred colour can change your house’s entire look and feel. Include them in your DIY Diwali decorations. To date, you have only hung them from your roof, and your home has worn a gown of fairy lights. How about a twist this year? Let them tangle with some gorgeous pictures. A string of light with at least five photos looks enchanting! Choose some of the jolliest images of your little one. You will see them giggle at their cutest. 

Paper Cup Garland 

Since now, you have only heard of the garlands of flowers. What is this paper cup garland? Let us guide you here. Paper cup garlands resemble the pattern of lights and photos. You can stick, for example, one glass in the gap of two lights in a string. Use sticking tapes. Instead of decorating your roof or balcony with regular string lights, add some spice! It will create a look beyond imagination. 

Lights inside the Jars

This idea has won the hearts of millions. Whether it is Halloween or Diwali, on any occasion of lights, this decoration setup comes to your timeline whenever you scroll. Buy some jars handy in your nearest store or supermarket. These jars are famous on online shopping platforms as well. This is one of the most beautiful and less time-consuming Diwali DIY decoration ideas. Purchase jars and diyas and place the latter inside the former. That is all! Your job’s done. 

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Living Room DIY

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Make It All About Flower

Flowers have a unique charm in them that look super welcoming! As the living room is the first place your guests will entertain in your house, give it a welcoming vibe. Decorate the area to give the truest essence of festivity. The flowers are the must-included prop in Diwali decoration ideas DIY. Choose vibrant colouring flowers like roses, sunflowers, and marigolds. Make patterns with flowers outside the rangoli. 

Go Eco-friendly 

Diwali is all about crackers. Yes, they give us the utmost pleasure. But the harm they do to our dear planet is irreparable. Why not go for some eco-friendly ideas this Diwali? Decorate your living room with houseplants and fragrant, hand-made diyas. Promote local businesses and let us bring smiles to all faces. Colourful cushions on your sofa enliven the mood. Do not forget to give a personal touch with any of your favourite portraits or paintings. 

Half-Moon Mandala

After the pandemic, people have started focusing on their mental health. And let me give you a secret to keep your mind happy. It is making art on the walls of your house. When will you get a better opportunity to do that than Diwali? Make a mandala on your living room walls. DIY for Diwali decoration; trust me, your guests will be mesmerised to look at that lifelike piece of art!

Paper Cutouts

Happiness comes in colours. Do you remember those art and craft classes in your school days? Why do you not peep into that forgotten alley with your child again? Use tiny paper cutouts and write something on it. A “Happy Diwali” will be the right fit. This is the least time-consuming. Besides, your child will enjoy this. 

DIY Diwali Lamps

DIY Diwali Lamps

Paper Lantern

Who does not want to fill their house with lights on Diwali? But using those same old string lights year after year is not fun. Pour happiness into your celebration with paper lanterns! Make little paper bags and create little holes in them. Put a lantern inside the bag. That is all! The magic is done.

Glitter Paper Cardboard Lantern

Some DIY Diwali decoration ideas require more time and effort than others. This is one of them. Purchase some glittering papers and cardboard. Wrap the cardboard with those papers and add them with glue. Fix a lamp inside this rectangle-shaped box. Hang them anywhere in your house and see how it complements the decor!

Have a grand Diwali after two tiring and hopeless years. Leave no stone unturned to make this Diwali memorable for your child. They have missed a valuable part of their childhood for the pandemic. Let them not regret it anymore. 

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