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Father’s Day Special Movies to Watch with My SuperDAD!

Father’s Day Special Movies to Watch with My SuperDAD!

Another Father’s Day in a Lockdown

Last year, I made a handmade card in the shape of a crown and put my father’s childhood photo on it. My creativity was appreciated for ten minutes, and then the card found its place in one of my dad’s drawers. It opened only during house cleaning before Deepawali, bringing back the ten-minute appreciation ride. 

This time I thought “what kind of father’s day gift would not land up in my dad’s drawer”. Something that would align with his weekend routine as this year Father’s Day in India falls on a Sunday! I asked my mom and she said “all your father does is watch television, be it Sunday or any other day!” 

Thanks, mom! I found the perfect way to spend Father’s Day this year! A full-fledged Sunday movie marathon for the dad-daughter duo with our favourite snacks!

Father’s Day Binge-Watch List

I created this super binge watch list for my super dad to watch on Sunday all day long in our PJ’s! You can take your pick from here to spend a cozy yet memorable Father’s Day this year!

Star Wars

My father used to be obsessed with Star Wars when he was a teenager. I never understood what the hype was all about. Maybe I can find out by watching it on Father’s Day with its biggest fan! I am not big on watching fantasy movies so I might not like it but seeing my dad relive his teen years would be a great moment to cherish forever!

The Lion King

This is a classic example of how closely attached we are to our fathers without realising it. Even after being separated from his father Mufasa, his teachings and life lessons always remain with Simba. 

I know, I know. It might turn our movie marathon into a cry-athon but it’s going to be totally worth it! My father used to read its story to me when I was a child but we have never watched it together. You must add it to your list too!

Daddy Day Care

I would have absolutely loved to have my dad as a stay-at-home dad like Edie Murphy in this incredible movie! (Don’t tell this to my mother!) Not just that, the protagonist also runs a daycare facility and to see him do it is going to be one amazing laugh riot with my father! Add this to your Sunday watchlist right away, I am sure you will thank me later!

Finding Nemo

Though I have watched it at least 5 times, I have never done it with my dad! What better day to do it than father’s day. A father’s search for his son up and down the ocean would be a great way to spend a Sunday. Finding Nemo is definitely on my binge watch list for the upcoming Dad’s day!

Mrs. Doubtfire

You can never go wrong with a Robin Williams movie. Any day, anytime is a great time to watch his films! And this movie is a perfect one to watch with your father. To spend some time with his kids, he becomes a nanny! This shows that a father can go to lengths to stay near his kids. This is surely going to make you roll over your stomachs! 

The Pursuit of Happyness

A single father’s struggle to reach great heights in life while being a loving and caring father makes for an emotional and inspiring watch for a Father’s Day movie marathon. It is played by real-life father-son duo Will Smith and Jaden Smith, it is a feel-good movie experience to share with your super dad! Keep a tissue box near you, just in case. 

The Incredibles

Every family has their own set of superpowers but, let’s admit it, none can match it to that of The Incredibles! My father might not be as muscular as Bob but he is twice as caring as him when it comes to the safety of his children. 

This movie and its sequel can be a great family watch on Father’s Day. Don’t forget to keep your snacks ready as things are about to get in action!

All Dads are My Superheroes

Some of my friends’ fathers play with them every Sunday or help them with their homework or take them out to new places every weekend. And each one of them are special and unique in their own way. One thing that remains common in all of them, including mine, is their unconditional love for us!

They might scold us for running around too much in the house or for not waking up early in the morning (I never understood the obsession with this one!). But in the end, they want us to have a future stronger than theirs, brighter, full of life! And so, to all the fathers out there…

Happy Father’s Day!

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