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How to Engage Your Child with Diwali Drawing for Kids

How to Engage Your Child with Diwali Drawing for Kids

Do you remember some of the fondest memories from your childhood? Doesn’t one of them take you back to the days when you used to scribble on the pages with colours and pencils? Childhood memories are all we have when we look back. Present your child with a bunch of beautiful memories that they want to cherish forever. As a parent, you must want your child to collect only happy memories of the festivals. And guess what? You can do that very simply! Just engage them in some drawing activities. Drawing is food for the soul. The magic of pastel and crayons spread so quickly that your child soon gets addicted. 

This Diwali, bless your child with some quality time where they can draw their heart out. You can find numerous Diwali drawings for kids on the internet. Once you search for it; the search result floods with colourful images. Choose the photos that your little buds find easy to draw. Let them make their first masterpiece this festive season. 

Diwali Decorative items

Ideas for Free Printable Diwali Drawing for Kids

Time has changed, but the definition of childhood has not. Children still enjoy going to the fair, lighting candles and having icecreams. The ideas of easy Diwali drawing for kids come from their daily activities or the activities they do during the festival. If your little munchkin is out of ideas, take some ideas from us. We would be happy to contribute to their first masterpiece. 

Images of Deities 

Diwali is a celebration of progress and prosperity. Lights and crackers signify the joy of a prosperous life and energy-filled life. On Diwali, we worship Ganesha and Laxmi. Children feel a special connection with Ganesha. So, why not reflect their pure love for this god on their paper? Bring the necessary equipment to draw Ganesha, like a pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, red, orange, bright, and dark yellow colours. 

If your child is so determined to draw Laxmi, arrange a golden yellow crayon. Arrange everything along with the samples but give them complete creative freedom. Children bloom to their full potential when they can imagine things in their way. 

Fair Ground  

Children love to go to fairs! The kind of excitement that they feel before and after visiting a fairground is worth all your effort. Why do you not encourage them to reflect their raw feelings on their canvas? (Which is, of course, a paper) Let them reimagine all the events they witnessed in a fairground and produce the best. Encourage them to recollect their sweet memories. Thus, they will learn to collect good memories and make an effort to make more. It can be a particular stall, a specific ride or an overview of the entire fairground. Teach them to focus on the details and capture their essence. 

People Going to The Fair

Do you remember “The Lost Child” by Mulk Raj Anand, where he begins the story with a pictorial description of how people are going to the fair together? If there is no option for taking them to a fair, you can help them with that description. Children are imaginative enough to interpret anything on their terms. A bunch of people going to the fair is such a vibrant visual to present that it has become one of the most-drawn Diwali festival drawings for kids. But, do not cage their imagination and force them to follow the previous examples. Let their imagination flow!

Diwali Pictures for Kids to Draw

Robots Participating in Diwali 

As the parents of gen A, you should always encourage innovation. When children learn robotics in school, it’s natural that they will incorporate robots in their daily life drawing as well. It will be an exciting and unique piece as well. Children do not usually draw such things, but what’s wrong with teaching them to embrace something new?


Rangoli is an essential part of Diwali in every household. So, this is an artwork that every child is familiar with. Let your child draw rangoli on their paper first. Thus, they will gain confidence to make one on the floor. You need so many colours to decorate a rangoli. Buy a set of crayons or pastels. When your child invests his creative imagination on something and comes up with a grand output, you feel that “Proud-parent” moment!

People Lighting Candles 


The most common occurrence during Diwali is to light candles. An artist needs his own observing power, and then he creates a piece mixing his imagination. If your little one is a beginner in drawing, help him with the initial steps and suggest picking up the most common events that occur everywhere during this festival. 

Things Not to Forget…

When your little one is done with his drawing, he will come running to you and ask for your opinion. No matter how busy you are. Do not miss this moment! You are the one that they look up to. Your one word of appreciation will encourage them to draw more. Take time to praise and boost their confidence. If possible, take a picture of it and frame it. You cannot imagine what kind of inspiration they will draw from your admiration. 

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