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10 Easy and Beautiful Diwali Drawing Ideas for Kids

10 Easy and Beautiful Diwali Drawing Ideas for Kids

Do you remember some of the fondest memories from your childhood? Doesn’t one of them take you back to the days when you used to scribble on the pages with coloured pencils and crayons? Childhood memories are all we have when we look back. Give your child ample opportunities to create beautiful memories that they will cherish forever. As a parent, you must want your child to have only happy festival memories. And guess what? You can do that very simply! Just engage them in some drawing activities. Drawing is food for the soul. The magic of pastels and crayons spreads so quickly that your child soon gets addicted. 

This Diwali, bless your child with some quality time where they can pour their hearts out. You can find numerous Diwali drawings for kids on the internet. Once you search for it, the search results flood with colourful images. Choose the photos that your little buds find easy to draw. Let them make their first masterpiece this festive season.

Diwali Decorative items

What is the importance of creative freedom in Diwali festival drawings for kids?

We, as adults, tend to do best when we let our minds run free. Similarly, kids and babies can do and achieve so much more when we let them do whatever they want. A free mind opens up the doors for innovative and creative ideas. This way, you can also learn about what’s going on in your little angel’s mind! Creative freedom in Diwali festival drawings for kids is essential, as it lets them be themselves and express themselves through visuals rather than words. Children may not be good with words, but they can express themselves beautifully through their beautiful Diwali drawing easy. 

Diwali Pictures for Kids to Draw

Here are some easy Diwali drawings for kids to draw this Diwali and brighten up your home, society, or their rooms! You can also hold a Diwali poster competition with these easy Diwali drawings for kids.

Robots Participating in Diwali 

Robots Participating in Diwali

As the parents of Generation A, you should always encourage innovation. When children learn about robotics in school, it is natural for them to incorporate robots into their daily lives by drawing them. It will be an exciting and unique piece as well. Children do not usually draw such things, but what’s wrong with teaching them to embrace something new?



Rangoli is an essential part of Diwali in every household. As a result, this is a piece of artwork that every child is familiar with. Let your child draw rangoli on their paper first. Thus, they will gain confidence to make one on the floor. You need so many colours to decorate a rangoli. Buy a set of crayons or pastels. When your child invests their creative imagination in something and comes up with a grand output, you feel that “proud-parent” moment!

People Lighting Candles 


The most common occurrence during Diwali is to light candles. An artist needs his own observing power, and then he creates a piece by mixing his imagination. If your child is just starting to draw, help them with the first steps and suggest that they draw the most common things that happen at this festival everywhere. 

Crackers and Fireworks

Crackers and Fireworks

For kids, Diwali is about sweets, festivities, crackers, and fireworks! It’s only natural for them to associate this festival of lights with fireworks. After all, which kid isn’t excited to light some fireworks of their own? Recreating the mesmerising fireworks on paper is surely as exciting for your little one as lighting one themselves! Give your child a variety of colours to colour those firecrackers!

Diya Lighting

Diya Lightning

In essence, Diwali is associated with diyas, hence the name Deepawali. Diya lighting is one of the easiest Diwali drawing ideas as it requires minimal effort. Before making your kid draw beautiful diyas on paper, read them the story behind the diyas that were lit on Diwali. This way, your child will know the meaning behind the festival of lights. This beautiful Diwali drawing is easy and meaningful.

Diwali Sweets

Diwali sweets

All kids love sweets. And no festival in India is complete without lots and lots of sweets! Diwali sweets are an easy Diwali drawing for kids because they don’t require much effort. Give your child a piece of paper and crayons/colour pencils, and watch them draw their Diwali sweets wishlist. You can let them take inspiration from actual sweets or make them draw whatever they like. 

Family Celebrating Diwali

People Lighting Candles

Every family celebrates Diwali a bit differently. Although the general festivities are the same, for some families, Diwali is all about diyas and no firecrackers. For others, Diwali is more about decorations and rangolis than anything else. Whereas some prefer a bash with crackers and fireworks. Let your child draw what Diwali means for your family and keep it as a memory!

Diwali Decorations 

Diwali Decorations

Remember the artful lanterns, diyas, and rangolis we created on paper? Diwali is incomplete without Diwali decorations. Every year, we bring lots of bright, eye-catching decorations for Diwali to hang all over our homes. Let your little thinker take ideas from your Diwali decor and recreate them on paper. You can also give them stickers and a few decorative items to decorate their drawings.

Children Celebrating Diwali

Children celebrating Diwali drawing

Festivals are a time of enjoyment for everyone, but especially for kids. While the elders of the house are busy with pujas and aartis, others are busy preparing delicacies and doing decorations, and kids have their own way of celebrating Diwali. Children celebrating Diwali is an easy Diwali drawing for kids, as it is totally relatable for them. Hence, it is a great idea to keep your little ones busy while you are busy with the preparations.

Ideas for Free Printable Diwali Drawing for Kids

Time has changed, but the definition of childhood has not. Children still enjoy going to the fair, lighting candles, and having ice cream. The ideas for easy Diwali drawings for kids come from their daily activities or the activities they do during the festival. If your little munchkin is out of ideas, take some from us. We would be happy to contribute to their first masterpiece.

Images of Deities 

Ganesha and Laxmi

Diwali is a celebration of progress and prosperity. Lights and crackers signify the joy of a prosperous and energy-filled life. On Diwali, we worship Ganesha and Laxmi. Children feel a special connection with Ganesha. So, why not reflect their pure love for this god on their paper? Bring the necessary equipment to draw Ganesha, like a pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, and red, orange, bright, and dark yellow colours. 

If your child is so determined to draw Laxmi, arrange for a golden yellow crayon. Arrange everything along with the samples, but give them complete creative freedom. Children bloom to their full potential when they can imagine things their way.

People Going to The Fair

People going tor fair

Do you remember “The Lost Child” by Mulk Raj Anand, where he begins the story with a pictorial description of how people are going to the fair together? If there is no option for taking them to a fair, you can help them with that description. Children are imaginative enough to interpret anything on their terms. A bunch of people going to the fair is such a vibrant visual to present that it has become one of the most-drawn Diwali festival drawings for kids. But do not cage their imagination and force them to follow the previous examples. Let their imagination flow!

What are the materials needed for Diwali drawings for kids?

To create beautiful and easy Diwali drawings, you need the following materials- 

  • Coloured pencils
  • Crayons
  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper or a drawing book
  • Coloured sketch pens
  • Decorative items like stickers, colourful tapes, etc.
  • A black sketch pen or coloured pencil for the outline

How to encourage kids to draw Rangoli?

The best way to get your child to draw rangoli is by letting them practise on the floor. Do not expect them to create or draw flawless rangoli. Start with the basics—the dots. You can also create a rough structure with dots for them and ask them to simply join the dots. If needed, you can give them a picture of an easy rangoli. You can also draw a rangoli beside them and let them imitate your moves. Give them lots of colours – children love colours and that’s as good a motivation as any. Praise them and their efforts, and let them know how proud and appreciative you are of their efforts. You can also make them draw a rangoli on paper first and then recreate it on the floor. 

Things Not to Forget…

When your little one is done with their drawing, they will come running to you and ask for your opinion. No matter how busy you are, do notmiss this moment! You are the one that they look up to. One word of appreciation from you will encourage them to draw more and express themselves through art. Take time to praise them and boost their confidence. If possible, take a picture of it and frame it. You cannot imagine what kind of inspiration they will draw from your admiration. If possible, you can also frame it or cut the drawing out and paste it in a scrapbook to preserve it as a memory. 

FAQ on Diwali

1) Which festival is called the ‘festival of lights,’ and why do people celebrate it?

Answer: Diwali, also known as “Deepavali” or “Dipawali,” is known as the “festival of lights.” Diwali is a big Hindu holiday that celebrates the return of Lord Rama after he defeated the evil spirit Ravana. As Lord Rama returned home to his people, the people were so happy that they lit the whole kingdom with lights, hence the name “festival of lights.”

2) How do people celebrate Diwali?

Answer: People celebrate Diwali by decorating their homes with colourful lanterns, diyas, and rangolis. Then they perform pujas and aartis. After this, prasad and sweets are distributed. Then comes the lighting of crackers and fireworks. Sweets and gifts are exchanged, and people give Diwali wishes to their families, friends, and neighbours.  

3) How To Draw Diwali Drawing

Answer: Take a paper or drawing book and get some colour pencils and crayons. If you want, you can also get some stickers or decorative tape to decorate the Diwali drawings. The next step is to decide what you want to draw. You can take inspiration for Diwali drawing ideas from Diwali decorations, sweets, celebrations, fireworks, rangolis, and more. 

Once you decide what you want to draw, you can either keep that item (a lantern, a diya, or a rangoli) near you or you can go for memory drawing and draw whatever comes to your mind with a pencil. After getting your basic sketch done, you can colour the pictures to give them a more colourful appearance. After you’ve finished colouring the pictures, outline them with a black coloured pencil to make them stand out. You can decorate your drawing with stickers and other decorative items if you wish. The last step is to show your beautiful artwork to your parents, older siblings, and other family members and be proud of what you created.

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