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Diwali for Kids, Life Lessons and Values to Learn

Diwali for Kids, Life Lessons and Values to Learn


Diwali is the festival of lights. This 5-day long festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, the triumph of good over evil, and new beginnings. Lord Rama won over evil with discipline, humility, tolerance, divinity, and righteousness. Do you want to see these divine qualities in our children? Let’s pay heed to the true meaning of Diwali and put into practice these qualities. 

This Diwali, let’s remove the inner darkness from your soul. Let’s teach our children the key values behind the festival of lights, so they grow up as congruous individuals. Here’s a look at the key values and life lessons we learn from Diwali that can play a significant role in shaping our kids’ future.

5 Life Lessons to Learn from Diwali


Here’s a look at life lessons and values that your child can learn from Diwali that play a significant role in shaping their future.

1 The Virtue of Equality

Lord ram never believed in caste. Considering every human equal is one of the main qualities of Ramachandra. This quality of lord Ramchandra is beautifully depicted in the story of Shabari in Ramayana.

Shabari was a low-caste old lady who lived in the forest. When she got the information about Lord Rama’s arrival, she collected a lot of berries to feed Rama. To check the quality of the berries, she tasted all the berries a little bit. Even after knowing that all the berries are tasted by Shabari, Ram ate all the berries with love and thanked Shabari for the hospitality. 

This instance teaches us about Equality and guiding mankind to live for the greater good of society.

2 Beware of The Temptations

When Ravana planned to abduct Sita, he asked  Marich (his uncle) to become a golden stag and lure the pure-hearted Sita. Sita got so fascinated by the beauty of the golden stag that she asked lord Rama to fetch that golden stag for her. That’s when Rama went after the stag, and Ravan was successful in abducting Sita. This instance from Ramayana teaches us that we should be careful with the things that tempt us. A cautious decision today might save us from an upcoming disaster.

3 Selflessness

Diwali Decorating Rangoli

Laxman sacrificed everything and didn’t expect anything in return.

He stayed with Ram even though he wasn’t bound to. Leaving all the royal pleasures and noble life, Laxman didn’t sleep for  14 years straight. A warrior par brilliance, Laxman was the embodiment of sacrifice. Though finding someone like him seems impossible now, it is not impossible to implement Laxman’s traits in real life. Not everyone and everything has to be driven by selfish motives, right?

4 Patience

Lord Rama and Sita were the epitomai of patience. They set an unforgettable example of Patience to the world. Goddess Sita had endless patience. She chose to accompany Ram to exile, giving up royal comforts to patiently endure all the hardships. She also waited for her husband to rescue her, keeping Ravana at bay all the time. Even when she had to prove her chastity by walking on fire, upon her return to Ayodhya, she calmly complied.

Lord Ram showed us that every challenge or problem comes to an end, but that requires strong will and patience. We must learn to persist in the time of difficult or unpleasant situations without distraction.

5  Bad Company Never Yielded Good Results.


Ram did not flinch before accepting the 14 years of exile to the forest mandated by Kaikeyi (Ram’s stepmother). He stamped out his desires and hesitation to embrace inconveniences and hardships simply to keep his promise to Kaikeyi intact. Kaikeyi’s love for Rama turned into hatred when her attendant Manthara became her toxic confidante.

Interesting facts about Diwali

1) People often think of Diwali as a festival for Hindus, but it is also celebrated by Sikhs and Jains with great pomp and show.

2) Diwali takes place annually and lasts for five days, marking the start of the New Year for Hindus. The dates change each year and are determined by the lunar cycle – but it usually falls between October and November.

3) The English city of Leicester hosts the biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India.


This Diwali, as you light lamps and lanterns, think up the ways to illuminate your child’s life with values. Diwali reminds us what humanity and life are all about. May this and every Diwali illuminate your minds and enlighten your hearts.  Let’s close the old books of Anger, Hate, and Jealously. May this festival of lights brings you peace, prosperity, success, and great happiness! We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that it gives you and your kids a reason to feel inspired and motivated.

Happy Diwali!

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