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National Sports Day 2022: History, Facts and Significance

National Sports Day 2022: History, Facts and Significance

Happy National Sports Day!

Children across the board celebrate today as National Sports Day thanks to the legend Dhyan Chand (1905-1979) who was awarded India’s third highest civilian award – the Padma Bhushan in 1956. He was a field hockey player representing the Indian hockey team at various championships globally, at a time when racism was rampant in the Western world. He survived whatever was put to him and emerged victorious. He was known as ‘The Wizard’ and ‘The Magician’ of hockey and is thought of as a legend to this day, especially on National Sports Day. 

Dhyan Chand’s legacy on National Sports Day

Today children in not only Orchids but also in other schools celebrate this day by playing all sorts of sports like cricket, football, basketball, amongst others. It is a great day to spend time under the sun or in the shade and let go of the past in order to embrace a bright future of optimism and health. Dhyan Chand’s contributions to sports are immense and that is why today was posthumously given the title National Sports Day or Rashtriya khel divas. Since he played sports at an international level during the British raj he is honored and is afforded the title of a legend. He incidentally also worked in the British Army as a sepoy when he was sixteen years old. He played hockey from 1926 to 1948 and took part in the Olympics in 1928, 1932 and 1936. Today is also a day when the Dronacharya Award, the Arjuna Award and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna are given to sports warriors. 

Why do we celebrate National Sports Day

The benefits of sports are wide ranging. Some of them include boosting immunity in kids, and opening up pathways for good blood circulation. Sports are integral for every child as it enables them to work on their physical and mental strength. The more they exert themselves physically the more their minds have to strengthen. This will hold them in good stead as it creates a sense of purpose in their lives. If kids play sports, they can work on their team-building skills and engage productively in pursuing activities which will enhance their health as well as perspectives on the world, as they are in communication with fellow sportsmen and women when they play and this enables them to learn important people skills. 

It is to sports which many kids turn. They are not lazy when they have to run around and play with their friends. In fact, there aren’t any lazy children (unless you have to get them out of bed)! At Orchids, your children play with their classmates and this keeps them alive and kicking. Whether it is basketball or football or cricket, we make sure they are working out and sweating. Their holistic development is underpinned by their need to be involved in challenging tasks, save for those who are used to the ball and bat. We ensure there are injury prevention strategies in place as our teachers guide your little ones throughout. 

Beyond the Bell

‘The Beyond The Bell’ programme at Orchids offers a unique chance for your kids to excel in all the fields to which they seek to master. We care for them and that is why those who have subscribed to it are interested in the nitty-gritty details of studying and the cocurricular. It affords them a healthy lens through which they can view the world as it contains valuable lessons for your child to know. And these are all done through the classroom and outside of it as well.  

Kids love sports. They love it more than studying. This explains why your little ones flock to the sports arenas at Orchids when they want to play and have fun. They jostle to find space amidst their friends to kick a ball or play with a bat. It is imperative that they play as sports and extracurricular activities hone their hobbies into skills and offer them a chance of respite from matters of the world. At Orchids, we will celebrate National Sports Day 2022 with pomp and cheerfulness. We encourage your children to engage in sports activities so that they become healthier in the future. These provide a terrain on which their abilities as humans are worked upon and formulated.

Running to and from on National Sports Day of India

Along with the right eating, sports will play an integral role in shaping your child’s daily programme. It is what undergirds their welfare and well-being. Remember: kids like to play more than study. They are raring to go and need to work out. Since they are young their metabolism is high, their digestion is robust and they want to be more and more active. This National Sports Day date is 29th August and you will find children from all age groups bonding over cricket as it is a religion in India. Kids love playing it after school hours. Go to any sports field and you will find them whacking. 

It is critical to underscore the importance of playing sports in the lives of children. It is funny when kids wheedle their way out of situations which require them to study; however, children at Orchids love both studying and playing sports! They are a rare combination of activity and more activity and that keeps them on their toes. The information about National Sports Day cannot be highlighted more: sports are integral to the life and breadth of each child. If you allow them to take on any sport, who knows where they will blossom? For now, at Orchids! 

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