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10 Fun Things to Do on New Year’s Eve with Kids

10 Fun Things to Do on New Year’s Eve with Kids


With everything that happened this year, all of us are eagerly waiting for a fresh, bright and happy new year to arrive soon, especially kids. Those poor little tots have been at home too long and would definitely want a happening new year’s eve with all that bling! “But how do I make it exciting for them at home?” Your prayers have been answered. Guess what we have in store – 10 FUN things to do on new year’s eve with kids at home! Read through these wonderful ideas and thank us after your kids have had a blast!

10 Fun Things To Do On New Year’s Eve With Kids

  • Dress up – Trust us, every child loves to dress-up. It’s time to loosen your kid’s pyjamas and get them to dress up in their favourite costumes for new year’s eve! There couldn’t be a better occasion to do this. Ask them to choose their best outfit for new year’s eve and become party-ready! 

  • Pinata Ball Drop at Midnight – Build a handmade pinata with your kids and fill it up with candies and confetti! Hang it on a fan or stick to a chandelier on the ceiling. As the clock strikes midnight, lift up your child and ask him to burst it out with a toothpick. All the confetti and candies are going to shower on your little one – a moment worth capturing! Then you can all collect candies and the one with the most candies wins a prize!
  • Decorate Your Space – Christmas and new year is all about decoration. Assign a space to every member of the family and ask them to decorate it as they like! You can even go family-shopping for decoration supplies a day earlier. It will keep kids engaged in a creative activity for a long time and the results are going to be sparkling for everyone!
  • Handmade props and Photoshoot – Another great way of being creative together as a family is to make funny props – sunglasses, caps, placards, etc. However, there are certain rules to be followed. They must be colourful and exciting! Each member can make 5 such props each and just before dinner, have a photoshoot using these props. A fun time for kids and a memory to cherish for all! P.S: You can get these pictures framed and hang it in the living room on new year’s!
  • Whip and Bake – What’s a new year without a delicious creamy cake? Get hold of an easy baking recipe which you can make with your kids. Let them whip the cream and add colours to it of their choice! You can instead make cupcakes and give your kids a chance to decorate it with colourful whipped cream and some choco chips! Hog onto it right at midnight. 
  • Groove your Move – Put on party music and groove on your favourite songs with unique moves! You can also take turns and encourage your kid to put his/her best foot forward. This is a perfect way to enjoy new years eve for families! 
  • Karaoke Night – If you’re a family that sings, plan a karaoke night and match lyrics with your best tone! Your kids can also bring out their singing skills and join in! If you have toddlers who have not grown enough to sing to songs, you can put nursery rhymes on play for them! The one with the highest scores gets to do a Mic-Drop. Yay!
  • Board Games – Get old school with your kids on new year’s eve and play fun board games like scrabble, yahtzee, monopoly, ludo, etc. After having a heavy new year’s eve dinner, this could be a great way to relax and have fun with your kids!
  • Indoor Camping – Get clean bedsheets out of the closet and build a camp in your living room! Camping is too much fun for kids and to do it indoors can be a unique experience for them. You can arrange snacks-in-bed and share stories of your childhood with your little ones too! Snuggle in a big blanket later after wishing each other a Happy New Year!!
  • Family Resolution Tree – With your Christmas tree already amped up, you can turn it into a family resolution tree. Get some colorful sticky notes and write 2 resolutions for the coming new year. Stick it on the tree and swear together to fulfill it! This will also give you an insight on what your kid wants to accomplish in the new year. 


Life is all about enjoying the little things. And it is even more important when done with your cute little kids! You have a chance to make this new year’s eve with kids a memorable one. Don’t miss out! Choose any one of the ideas or plan out all of them! Remember to have fun and give yourself and your kids the best new year’s eve. Happy New Year 🙂

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