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How to celebrate Diwali safely during this pandemic

How to celebrate Diwali safely during this pandemic


Diwali is almost here; however, 2020’s Diwali is going to be pretty low key. Considering the fact that we are living in an unprecedented time, some changes have to be made. Also, if by making these changes, we will get to celebrate a safe Diwali in the pandemic, why not embrace those changes? If you are looking for ways to celebrate safe Diwali in the pandemic, you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we will talk about some of the best steps that you can take to enjoy Diwali to the fullest without missing out on the fun.

diwali celebration before covid

Here’s what you need to do to celebrate a safe Diwali in the pandemic

Please Don’t Burst any Crackers

say no to crackers this diwali

We are not free from Covid-19, and this is the reason why we should be taking extra precautions when it comes to our health, especially respiratory health. When you burn crackers, it will trigger a lot of chemical vapours and fumes, which can deteriorate your health. If you didn’t know already, these vapour particles can cause irritation in your lungs, and can even stick to your nostril for a prolonged time. People who suffer from bronchitis and asthma attack need to look after their health even more. You need to look after yourself, as well as others too. People who have lung problems are more susceptible to Coronavirus. Hence, don’t burst crackers this Diwali.

Elderly People Need to Stay Indoors

family gathering during festivals

Since the weather outside will be a bit chilly, the elderly should stay indoors and enjoy a good time with family and friends virtually. In fact, physical congregations should be avoided by people of all ages at all cost. There are still restrictions on gatherings. You can arrange for a virtual function, meet them online, speak to them for hours, and enjoy. The new normal will still let you stay connected with everyone that you love. Hence, take the opportunity. Celebrate Diwali at home with everyone you love.

Sanitizers Should Be Kept Away From Fire

To celebrate a safe and healthy Diwali, here’s advice that you must follow. Sanitizers contain alcohol, and everyone has at least one bottle of sanitizer at home. Since these are inflammable and may result in fire hazards, ensure to keep them away from fire. Before doing anything that involves fire, it is highly recommended to wash your hands with water and soap, and not use sanitizer. Follow the guidelines of the Government as well.

Carry Water and Paper Soaps

Since people have started meeting one another, you might have some guests coming in as well. Rather than offering them a hand sanitizer, what you can do instead is offering them water and paper soaps. This way, their hands will be disinfected, and you will not have to worry about catching fire at all.

Always Maintain Physical Distance

maintain the covid safety measures

For public safety and to enjoy a safe Diwali in a pandemic, always ensure to maintain proper physical distance from one another. Festival is about meeting one another and strengthening bonds; however, things are a bit different for this year. Hence the more physical distance you will maintain, the better it is going to be for you and everyone else.

Say No to Hugs

When it comes to greeting someone this Diwali, rather than giving them a warm and welcoming hug, just say Namaste because that’s the best way to greet people nowadays. As much as you care for a safe Diwali in the pandemic, everyone else wants the same. It would be best not to meet anyone physically or to meet them in a large gathering; however, if you still miss out meeting people, just greet them with a Namaste. We will still request everyone to avoid joining a large crowd since we are still not free from Covid-19.

Eat at Home

Even though there is no evidence that Coronavirus can spread through cooked food, it is still advisable to cook food at home and enjoy. Another reason why you should avoid eating outside is to keep yourself free from all kinds of a stomach infection. This is the time to enhance your immunity. Even mild diseases can deteriorate your immunity. Hence, don’t take any chance. Also, everyone enjoys a nicely cooked home meal that too during a festive season. So, show your best cooking skills and surprise everyone.

Mask, Mask, Mask!

kids wearing masking

Be a responsible person, and if you step outside your home, please wear a mask. We know that you will be all dazzled up during Diwali, but why take the risk? There are all kinds of masks available; even Diwali themed masks are available both online and offline. Grab a mask that suits your overall attire, and flaunt it. Inspire others by being a good citizen.


So, these are the tips that we think will help you celebrate a safe Diwali in the pandemic. Things have changed now, and knowing that Diwali is one of the main festivals in India, we need to take specific steps all by ourselves to ensure that we get to enjoy this festival to the fullest. Just a few little precautionary steps and you will get to enjoy Diwali just the way you want. People who have lung issues and those who are old, it would be best for you to stay indoors. Keep in mind that social distancing is necessary, and let everyone enjoy a safe Diwali in the pandemic. 

A very happy and a joyous Diwali everyone!

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