Know Ways to Make Your Life Easier with Technology During Festive Season
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Little Known Ways to Make Your Life Easier with Technology During Festive Season

Little Known Ways to Make Your Life Easier with Technology During Festive Season

Imagine a day without your smartphone. It is impossible, right? Yes, technology has become that inevitable for us. Sometimes, it is challenging to figure out whether we created it or it has been creating our next generations. The way it has crawled into our daily life is unbelievable. It has covered every phase of our life, including the festive season. Saying everyday life would be a degradation rather. 

Technology has always been there to make our lives easier, and it is dutifully doing so. If you closely look into the fact that technology has covered all of your festive seasons, you can notice the brighter side of it. People tend to depend on technology during the festive season, and that is for:

Chanting Mantra on YouTube

Nowadays, people in urban areas are not in regular touch with the mantra, puja and Upasana. But, one cannot leave one’s root, and festivity reminds one of that root. They return to their origin and participate in puja or organise one in their home. But what about those long-forgotten mantras? In some areas, it is also tough to find a brahman. So, YouTube is the only way there. Yes, this non-human teacher can enlighten you almost in any subject. Mantras are no different. You can get clarity about the mantras from relevant YouTube channels and complete your puja with all due rituals. 

Ordering Necessary Puja Stuff Online 

“Oh, come on! Now, where will you get a garland and Chandan from?” This might be the first reaction of your family members when you decide to organise a puja. But do you remember their response when you got everything online? A world confined to your smartphone has a lot of things to offer you. You can even find the dung for puja. 

Working from Home

Working From Home

After the pandemic, working from home has been a common and standard norm. Companies are allowing a balance between your work and life through this revolutionised working model. During the festive season, you can apply for work from home. Thanks to technology, you are eligible for that. 

Shopping Online

Shopping Online

Your little one is eager to try on their new dresses before Dussehra or Diwali. Online shopping is the ultimate saviour that puts a smile on their face without hampering the balance in your work schedule. Just think, how could you manage time for shopping from this busy schedule if the online shopping option was not there? 

Reaching Invitations Through Google Map

Invitations during the puja are a treat to enjoy. Gathering around your peers and having quality time come once in a blue moon now. But, who will guide your host’s place? Everyone must be busy with their work in a puja house. There you use your technical shield, and that is Google Map. It can guide you anywhere, anytime! It will show you a clear track. Just keep your destination right. 

Making Video Call

Video Calling

Are you melancholic during the festive season because you could not go home this year? The vibe can always reach you though you cannot get there. Everyone is just a video call away! Call anyone from your family and friends and be there mentally. 

Playing Bhajan on YouTube 

Is there no one to sing bhajans after puja? Come on! Why is YouTube there, then? You can find any content on YouTube. Just play it and get the essence. It is all about creating a charm!

Bringing Decoration Ideas

Go to Google and get flooded with out-of-the-box ideas. You will get clarity on the decoration of lights, rangoli and whatnot! The days are long gone when you could not come up with the right decoration ideas, and your home looked dull during the festive season.

Technology is that hope of light at the end of a tunnel. It does not make you feel alone, bored or alienated. If you can look on the bright side, technology will constantly fuel your positive thinking with resources. So, you just need to take the first step and befriend technology. Then, the world is in your hands, and you know all the solutions. Be it a typical day or a festive season. 

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