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World Autism Awareness Day Facts: How Would You Help Your Child Battle Autism

World Autism Awareness Day Facts: How Would You Help Your Child Battle Autism


There are a lot of misconceptions on how autism is perceived, and this World Autism Awareness Day, let’s learn together what it really is. ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a very broad term that has a lot of different subtypes under it. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which means they lack of development in the nervous system. From why it takes place to how your child is actually blessed in their own way, to start off with here are a couple of World Autism Awareness Day facts that will help you and your child have the best journey together!

3 World Autism Awareness Day Facts You Need to Know!

world autism awareness day

Autism is found across the 7 seas

Autism widely occurs across the world regardless of economic background, race or any other factors. First research emerging in 1911, Autism was barely ever researched until the 20th century. Post researching since the 20th century it was noted that about 1 in 68 children were a subject to it with boys being more susceptible to this disorder.

Autism is a word derived from Greek  

The term autism has greek origins as the word autos in greek means “self”. The literal meaning of it in greek would roughly translate to “alone”. 

It is pretty common in India

World Autism Awareness Day facts wouldn’t be complete if we do not mention the statistics in our own country. It may shock you but over 2 million children have autism in India. While India does require more help in de-stigmatizing Autism within the country, there are many NGOs that have popped up to support your child in this journey such as Action for Autism and ALFAA or Assisted Living for Autistic Adults.

What Can You Do to Make a Difference?

What can you do to make a difference on world autism awareness day

To start off with let’s dive into what not to do with be it your child or anyones child who has autism. There is a widespread misconception that every child with autism is blessed with talents that are prodigious. This is not true. Only about 10% of children have such talents and not possessing a talent doesn’t determine your child’s worth. 

Most new parents spend hours trying to figure out even the little things such as the needs of a child with autism and the last thing on their mind is for you to go up to them and tell them “but your child doesn’t look autistic at all!” Supporting the child’s parents through kind language and telling them how cute their child looks rather than making autism the only thing to talk about is important. You must remember, a person’s identity isn’t their mental health issue or revolve around where they are “different” from you.

If You are a Parent, How to Help your Child?

understanding autistic children on world autism awareness day
  1. Consistency is key

Be it how to teach an autistic child to talk or how to get your autistic child to respond, patience is key. To understand that there will be a few hiccups along the way and that is okay as every child has their own pace is very important.

  1. Positive reinforcements go a long way

If you have ever found yourself trying to google “what to do when autistic child throws things”, we have a tip for you and it is very simple. Praise them, reward them, and don’t forget to tell them how proud you are of them for whenever they do something that is right. This will teach them that good behaviour is rewarded and bad behaviour will not be fruitful.

  1. Help yourself as well

It can be daunting sometimes so it is important to note that if you can’t take care of yourself you will not be able to take care of another person. You can help your child by making sure that you are emotionally and physically fit. Attending support groups for parents with autistic children or celebrating World Autism Awareness Day with a group of friends may help you connect with your emotions and find the right help.


help children with autism on world autism awareness day

Autism can be a ride for both you and your child but it can be a very precious and easy ride when done the right way. The right way would mean one in which both you and your child end up feeling good. Taking into consideration how far research has come, it’ll be in no time that on one World Autism Awareness Day maybe we can find a way to beat autism using medical techniques! Until then parents and their children are the superheroes who take the spotlight for recovery! 

Now it is time for the ultimate World Autism Awareness Day fact. Your child is absolutely precious so let’s celebrate them every day and not just on this one day!

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