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World Olympics Day: A Celebration of Sports, Culture and Friendship

World Olympics Day: A Celebration of Sports, Culture and Friendship

What does it stand for?

What is World Olympics Day? It’s a day to celebrate sports, culture, and friendship! Every year on June 23rd, people around the world come together to show their support for athletes from all over the world. This year marks its second celebration since it was founded in 1991. We will explore some of the history behind this event and how you can get involved with celebrating World Olympics Day!

The International Olympic Committee, founded by Jacques Rogge in 1991 with the goal of celebrating all winter and summer sports athletes around the world on a single occasion. This year’s theme is “Olympic Family: Celebrating Differences.” The driving force behind this celebration is that everyone at the Olympics is one big family that should be celebrated for their differences! It also strives to promote peace through sport throughout the world.

How can I commemorate World Olympics Day?

You can use social media channels like Facebook or Twitter with #olympicsday hashtags to show your support for this day. You can also purchase Olympic attire or memorabilia to show appreciation and passion for the Olympics!

The Origin of World Olympics Day

It all started back on February 23rd, 1991 in Lausanne Switzerland with a meeting of six key members from different national associations that govern winter sports. This led to the founding of the International Olympic Winter Sports Committee (IWSC) which is now known as the Association of National Olympic Committees, ANOC.

It was first celebrated in 1992 and takes place every year on February 23rd. The day aims to promote peace through sport throughout the world! So how can you celebrate World Olympics Day? You can wear your country’s colors and fly them high to show solidarity with the athletes.

How can I celebrate it?

You could also take part in some Olympic-themed games, such as a quiz, or design an Olympic stadium. There are plenty of things for all ages to enjoy! Children can celebrate the day by educating themselves on the different countries’ sporting history, whilst adults might learn about new sports from around the globe!

1. Try a new sport you’ve never tried before

2. Watch the Olympics

3. Share your favorite Olympic moment on social media with #OlympicDay2018

4. Host a party for people to watch and cheer on their favorite athletes 

5. Volunteer at an event for athletes or spectators 

6. Attend an Olympic-themed event in your area, like a parade or festival

As well as this, many people will be wearing their national uniforms so why not get dressed up too? Be proud of where you’re from and what it means

It was first celebrated in 1992 to mark 100 years since it had been decided that the winter games would be held every four years. And this is how we’ve come to celebrate World Olympics Day!

Many sports fans have been waiting for World Olympics Day to celebrate the year’s achievements in sport. What is it and why does it matter? World Olympics day was established by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Jacques Rogge on August 23rd 2009 at a celebration of the games which was attended by IOC members as well as athletes from around the globe.

It is a chance for athletes and fans to celebrate all of the sports that they love, what it means to them personally and how much fun they have playing or watching sport!

Does World Olympic Day Matter?

There are so many benefits to this day, which we wanted to provide you with some details below: – It’s an opportunity for international communities to come together (at events like these) in celebration of their shared passion.

A chance for people interested in sport but unable-bodied themselves, such as children with disabilities or those who are living under circumstances where exercise isn’t possible – families whose homes lack facilities or disabled individuals without access even within developed countries –to partake too. There is a lot of money and resources going into making these events  accessible.

It’s also an opportunity to bring people together in the spirit of friendship and unity, often at a time when it feels like international relations are becoming increasingly fraught with tension.

World Olympics Day is about celebrating sport as part of what connects us all – this day was created for all countries’ citizens who can be anything from athletes, coaches and spectators.”

The event encourages sportsmanship, which can have a positive impact on society by promoting “fair play” values. World Olympic Day celebrates not just elite sporting achievements but everything that contributes to being active within life.


See these games as a bonding experience. Playing games with kids or grandchildren, taking part in social activities such as dancing and yoga classes, or simply walking or hiking with friends can all help to make it the longest day in a good way. So let’s be more physically fit and on our toes!

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