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World Students Day 2022: History, Significance, Theme And Quotes

World Students Day 2022: History, Significance, Theme And Quotes
APJ Abdul Kalam

“The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

One man breaks that stereotype when the nation assesses students based on academic excellence. Now, you know why World Students’ Day is celebrated on his birthday. The way Abdul Kalam understood students inspires a whole new perspective. He laid great emphasis on making the students’ roots stronger. Most of his writings about our country’s primary education system are considered major texts for educators. 

Abdul Kalam has always tried to inspire students by sharing his real-life experiences. His autobiography, “The Wings of Fire”, and other books like “Ignited Minds” and “Turning Points” are inspiring generation after generation. This man has set a goal for students and showed a way to implement them.

History of World Students Day

World Students’ Day recognises Abdul Kalam’s impact on India’s educational sector. Despite several controversies, this day is the world students’ day for Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary. 

Abul Pakhir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was born in a small port town of Tamil Nadu called Rameshwaram. He has always swum against the stream and proved his exceptional abilities. This ordinary boy from a small village touched impossible milestones and made impossible things possible. After leading a highly successful team at ISRO and accomplishing many national and international projects, Abdul Kalam was honoured with the title of “The Missile Man.” 

He became the 11th president of India and reached India at the peak of educational and cultural development in 5 years. Abdul Kalam set an example for hundreds of people from the society’s middle or lower-middle strata.

Significance of Students Day

The nation encourages its future pillars on this day by paying homage to a great soul. Special days are celebrated to recognise a group of people’s efforts throughout the year. Students often go through various issues, but we seldom try to address them. By observing this day, the nation promises to address the problems, and no student should go unrecognised for his contribution to society.

World Students’ Day 2022 Theme

Every year, students’ day is celebrated through a theme. Last year in 2021, the theme was “learning for people, planet, prosperity, and peace.” The Indian government expresses their thoughts about World Students’ Day every year, and the theme is based on that. 

The theme for world students’ day has not been decided yet. But, soon, it will be published. 

World Students’ Day Activities for Students

Students’ Day Activities

On this day, schools or other educational institutions can engage students with the following:

  • Debate competitions 
  • Essay writing competition 
  • Biography writing of APJ Abdul Kalam 
  • “Say about yourself” events 


1. What is world students’ day?

Answer: 15th October is observed as World Students’ Day. The day is primarily dedicated to students all over the world. 

2. When is world students’ day?

Answer: Every year, the 15th of October is celebrated as World Students’ Day. 

3. Why do we celebrate world students’ day?

Answer: Students’ day is celebrated to pay homage to the great APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th president of India, who significantly contributed to students’ progress.

4. Why is APJ Kalam’s birth anniversary celebrated as world students day?

Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam made remarkable contributions to the students’ upliftment. Therefore, his birthday is observed as World Students’ day. 

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