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Ultimate Hack To Encourage Summer Reading


Pallavi Gulati





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Summer days are filled with many activities and lots of travel, thus the motivation for keeping children busy with reading becomes a struggle for many parents.

Reading also teaches them about other people’s feelings. This includes different cultures, genders, disabilities etc. The earlier we can teach that it’s not just “okay” when someone else feels sad or angry but instead being there as a friend – the better off they will be in the years to come. Kids don’t know this stuff until they are taught it through reading books so make sure you take time each day to do some quality reading together!

Hence, to foster reading habits among students, given below are the methods that can encourage your child to do reading during the summer break.

Ways to Promote Reading During Summertime

Foster the love of reading during summer in your kids.

Limit the usage of Electronic devices

Reading during the summer encourages children to become creative, focused, and sharp. And the best way to achieve all this is by limiting the usage of electronic devices because it can disrupt their mental growth. To avoid this disturbance you must limit their time of using computers, televisions and mobile phones. Ask your little one to develop a daily habit of fifteen minutes of reading.

Visit the nearest library

The library contains a large collection of books that your child can look through and they can choose the one that they like. If your child is 9 years of age, then you can also look for an age 9 reading list in the library. Thus, take your child to the nearest library and get them a library card.

Cartoon boy and girl discussing some book

Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are one of the great ways to develop learning and reading habits among your children during summertime. It is one of the excellent alternatives to reading and it can play an important role in improving their comprehension skills. Hence, if you are traveling then audiobooks is one of the best ways of inculcating a habit of reading during summer among your toddler.

Plan a trip to the nearest bookstore

Nowadays, book stores are great fun for all children. Therefore, take your child to the nearest bookstore and ask them to choose a book by themself. Letting your child choose the book on their own will make them more excited to get home and start reading their new book. If your child is a 3rd grader then you can also refer for 3rd-grade summer reading list 2020 in the book store. You can also plan for bringing scholastic books at home from the bookstore.

Play fun Games

For promoting reading during the summer, you can also plan for a reading contest with your children. You can also play word games or math games that convert everyday household activity into learning opportunities. For example, while traveling, you can ask your toddler to look for certain shapes, colors, letters, and signs that are coming on their way.

Read the Book Before Watching the Movie 

Many books have been made into a movie. Therefore, find a book that has been made and read it first. Once you have finished your reading, watch the movie, and ask your child about the version that he likes the most. It is one of the best ways to foster reading habits among your child during summer break.

Plan for Reading the Book Series

Having multiple books for continuing the story is one of the best ways of developing a habit of reading during summer among your little one.

Buy your child a series of the book. It will help involving your child with the stories that they can be excited to read in the next book of the series.

Encourage Bedtime Reading

Bedtime is a great way to develop summer reading for 8 years old or more than that age.  Therefore, set bedtime and instruct them that if they like to stay awake for a while then they must spend that time reading a book.

Buy graphics novels and comics 

If your child is visually impaired, you can give a try to graphic comics and novels. It is one of the great ways of making your children read without even knowing it.

Reward them 

Rewarding your child for finished reading is one of the best ways to develop the habit of reading during the summer months.

You can tell your child that after every 30 minutes of reading, they will receive a reward with the things that they like.

Become a Good Role Model

Every child follows the footsteps of their parents. Thus, if your child finds that you are reading books then they may read along with you thus, developing a reading habit.

If you are reading a newspaper in the morning, it will leave a good impression on your child as well. Thus, become a good role model for developing the reading habit among your child during summertime.

Different age cartoon  people reading books

How is reading beneficial for children?

Reading is beneficial for kids in many ways. It can keep their minds sharp, teach them about the world around them and help prepare them for school. Reading also helps develop reading skills that will give your child a head start on learning to read when they go into kindergarten or first grade.

Kids sitting on stacks of books and reading literature

-Provides knowledge of different cultures

-Teaches children about themselves through examining characters’ feelings, thoughts etc.

-Helps build vocabulary by using new words every time you open up a book

-Encourages creativity and imagination

-Improves memory because it’s something with which we constantly challenge ourselves)


Developing a habit of reading during the summer among your children will give them the chance to improve their skills. It also prepares them for the upcoming school years. With an infinite number of summer activities, it becomes difficult for a parent to enroll their children in reading habits. Hence, inhibiting reading activities in your children during the summertime will encourage them to read more and make their time more enjoyable.

Practice summer reading habits will help your child become more creative. It will also help them in enhancing their problem-solving skill or critical thinking skills as well.

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