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Top 7 and the Funniest TV Shows for Kids to Watch

Top 7 and the Funniest TV Shows for Kids to Watch


When TV was first invented, the initial content consisted mostly of educational programs and news. Nowadays TV has evolved into a more entertaining form with many different types of genres being offered to watchers. One popular genre is TV shows for kids that are fun and exciting without any inappropriate matters or violence involved. These TV shows teach important life concepts. 

What TV shows are kids watching these days? Shows have come a long way from when we were kids. Looking for something entertaining to make the kids watch? The best and the funniest TV shows for kids are here, and they’re better than ever. This TV show for kids includes some of the greatest throwbacks to everyone’s favourites. After all, there’s nothing easier to do to keep them entertained than to sit back on the couch, cue up your favourite channel, and then throw on a couple of episodes of a family-friendly show on the TV. Hey parents, hold on! With the advancement in technology and the media, TV shows have become much more popular, and if you’re not careful about what they are watching, it may make or break their morals. So, this blog post will give you 7 TV shows for kids that they can enjoy without worry! 

What Kind of TV Shows Are Good For Kids?

Parents at some point will be looking for a TV show that is not too complicated or does not have adult content. There also needs to be something educational in the program so that the child at the same time avails some knowledge from the show coming on the TV. 

There are TV shows that have been great for kids in the past. In today’s TV, there are TV Shows that also can be watched by children and adults as well without any problem. For example, Disney is one TV Show network that airs both G-rated movies and TV episodes on ABC every day.

Don’t you think parents today have more control over what their kiddos are watching and enough options to do more than just filter out actively bad shows?  What they still don’t have are the countless hours necessary to wade through the ocean of kid’s programming for the few gems.

List of 7 TV shows for kids

Figuring out the best TV shows for kids to watch can be complicated. Right at the cusp of being a tween, they know when a show is pandering to little kids. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready for deeper or darker themes. If you’ve been looking for good Tv shows for kids of all ages, this list of the best television shows is a must watch.

Blue’s Clues 

Blue is the name tag-wearing, a green dog with a blue nose and happy paws. He lives in the Blue’s Clues House on TV Land. In the TV show, he leaves behind little paw prints all over his house, which lead to things that are part of each episode’s mysteries! Kids will enjoy watching their favorite part right from the first episode.

Avatar: The Last Airbender 

In a destructive world of magic and mysticism, a young kid rejuvenates to go on a quest in order to fulfill his dreams. The quests are dangerously mystic. Finally, the boy named Avatar brings the world back to life and peace. Children find it quite motivating as the show convinces the viewers to never give up in tough times and keep striving for good.

The Loud House 

The Loud family is big—and not just because 12-year-old Lincoln has ten sisters. The TV show follows the chaotic lives of Lincoln, his parents, Lori and Mr. Loud (who are now divorced), his kids, Lori and Leni, and the idiot dog Bobby, who seems to have a different girlfriend in every episode. 

Star vs. the Forces of Evil 

The episodes revolve around a Mexican-American family, the Daizes. A star butterfly princess from the kingdom of Mewni, Star must learn how to use her newly granted magical powers. 

The Batman Animated Series 

It is a superhero animated television series based on the comic book series, Batman. 

The first season of the TV show was released in 1992, and it follows Bruce Wayne’s journey from a child to an adult when he becomes Gotham City’s protector with his crime-fighting alter ego as The Dark Knight. It is an animated superhero animated TV show that is perfect for kids because it is all about justice. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

It tells a story about six friends who love one another as sisters, even when times get tough. It teaches girls that they have the power to change their destiny and be whatever kind of pony they want 

The Octonauts

The Octonauts are a team of eight intrepid explorers who are always ready to dive into the sea and explore the underwater world, saving animals in distress. The TV show is designed to encourage children to take care of the world, with catchy songs and dance routines thrown into each episode. 


Choosing the right TV show for your kids can be a daunting task. That’s why we created this handy list of 7 Fun TV shows for kids to watch! Most of all, these TV shows for kids are fun. And unlike some offerings out there, they won’t make your kids poke their eyes out. We hope you find it helpful in finding something new and exciting to watch as a family or with friends. So, why don’t you give them a try? Have any other favorites that didn’t make our list? Let me know what I overlooked.

Happy watching!

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