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4 COVID-19 Myths Related to Kids Busted!

4 COVID-19 Myths Related to Kids Busted!


As the number of Corona infections cases continues to increase, there has been a subsequent rise in news and data, both accurate and inaccurate. Some COVID-19 cases are linked to children, so it’s essential to separate COVID-19 myths and understand how actually it affects kids.

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During a pandemic outbreak, rumours and misinformation can be dangerous for everyone involved. We are trying to bust some popular myths surrounding COVID-19 and how it affects children.

4 Covid-19 Myths Busted

1. Only older people and young children are at risk

Corona, like any viruses or flu, can infect people of any age. However, it has been observed that adults aged over 60 or those with pre-existing health conditions diabetes, asthma, BP, or other age-related infections are more at risk of becoming severely ill. According to BBC, all evidence so far suggests that unlike adults, children are less susceptible to Corona, and the clue might lie in their immune system.

young Indian boy wearing protective mask and fighting against the coronavirus

2. Children cannot get COVID-19

COVID-19 myths like this is very harmful. It’s a misnomer that only aged people are at risk of catching Corona. It can affect all age groups. So far, most cases have been in adults, but children have also been affected. Quoting a Chinese study conducted in February, LiveScience.com reported that of over 44,000 cases of COVID-19, only 2.2% involved children under age 19.

 girl with yellow hoodie and a surgical mask standing and looking through the window and showing 'stay home' message written on her hand.

Quoting another Shenzen study, Nature News said that Chinese researchers in Shenzen analyzed data from over 1,500 people and found that children, who were potentially exposed to the virus, were likely to become infected as much as adults were. About 7-8% of children exposed to adult COVID-19 patients later tested positive for the virus.

However, it also said that when children become infected, they seem less likely to develop severe disease.

3. Children show the same symptoms as adults

In almost all cases, children and adults have shown similar Corona symptoms, but the Corona symptoms seem to be less severe in the children’s case. There are many COVID-19 myths that are believed by people.

Andrew Pollard of the Oxford Vaccine Group told BBC that even children with severe medical conditions on immuno-suppressive therapies or cancer treatment are unlikely to be much affected by Corona than adults.

baby girl wearing the mask for protect them self from virus and air pollution

Effects of Corona can be shown in any child belonging to any age group, so it’s better to be prepared and let us not fall for the covid-19 myths.

4. Pets can cause the disease in children

This COVID-19 myths is spread all over. While it’s true that Corona originated from the wet markets of Wuhan, where animals like bats and pangolins were caged and slaughtered for human consumption, there are no reports or any evidence of pets like dogs and cats getting infected with the virus and passing onto children. One report of a pet dog of an infected person in Hong Kong getting infected with coronavirus, although the Pomeranian did not display any Corona symptoms. According to one British researcher, most of the outbreak has been caused by human-to-human transmission. Thus this covid-19 myths is

covid-19 myth about pets

Nevertheless, if you have a pet at home, have someone responsible walk the pet and wash hands thoroughly later as pets can spread other diseases.


Remember, India’s hot weather does not offer any protection from the virus. If you want your child to stay safe, follow government rules such as regularly washing hands, wearing masks, and keeping a social distance from everyone. And do not believe in such covid-19 myths.

At last, all we can say that if you or any of your close or loved ones any Corona symptoms, please make sure to take the right measure and do not take the effects of Corona lightly.

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