Life Lessons To Teach Children During This Lock Down

Five Important Life Lessons To Teach Children During Lock Down

Five Important Life Lessons To Teach Children During Lock Down

All educational institutions and other establishments have been shut down across the country as part of a slew of measures to slow the spread of coronavirus. So, this leaves many parents with only one option: to take care of their work and deal with their children.

Keeping children focused and motivated in these trying times is no easy task. What’s also difficult is also providing them with enough educative and productive activities to keep them engaged.

However, you must see the next few days as an opportunity to teach your children a few important life skills they don’t learn in school. These life skills will help them get a grip on life when they become adults.

Family Above All Else

Spending most of the time at home has exponentially increased the time we spend with our families. This has reinforced the fact that after all, it’s the family that stays by us at all times. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us and more so children to learn that family comes first and everything else can wait.

  • Resilience and flexibility

An event like coronavirus can cause a feeling of anxiety and parents need to keep cool, as well as show resilience and flexibility. They need to show maturity and keep control of their emotions. Children learn from their parents and when parents show these traits, children will learn to take charge or control the areas of their life during uncertain times.

  • Ultimate training for future

This is the time for parents to teach children to live independently. There could be a time in the future when your child moves to another city or country for education or career. The lessons that you give them now will give them an early start to important life skills.

You can start off by telling your child to clean the dishes or do laundry. once they area good with these, you can teach them some basic cooking skills. Later you can move onto other things that you do daily at home.   

There are restrictions in place around the country. You can only go out to buy groceries, milk, fruits and vegetables and nothing else.  This is the time to teach children about how to make do with limited items, rationing, cooking, and budgeting for everything and everything else.  If you have a garden at home, teach them gardening which can come handy during a similar situation in the future.

  • Importance of relationships and socializing

Now that your children are away from friends and other relatives, they might have started missing them. they must have realized the importance of relationships and have started valuing these relationships. Now that you have time in hand, you must teach the importance of relationships and socializing.

  • Learning to save and respect money

Most of us as parents give in to our children’s demands and buy them whatever they ask for without much thought. While this is okay when the economy is good and things are okay, but now when the world is almost entering recessions and one isn’t sure when things will improve, it’s important to teach children the importance of saving and respecting money. Teach them how to save money and invest wisely.

Five Important Life Lessons To Teach Children During Lock Down