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Fight the Pandemic by Building a Healthy Body

Fight the Pandemic by Building a Healthy Body

Stronger the Immunity, Stronger the Fight

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body, especially in times like now when the immune system needs to be stronger than ever to fight back. As it is known by now, good hygiene and immunity have a major role to play in keeping the coronavirus at bay. Following good health and nutrition habits has become paramount in today’s date. With grocery and fruit and vegetable stores open, one can eat healthy homemade food, without the fear of contamination or the spread of the virus.

Even with few and limited ingredients, one can continue following tips that support a healthy body. For better health and immunity, it is also important to stay physically and mentally active.

Here’s a quick plan on how to eat nutritionally rich food to keep a healthy body.

Food and Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Body During COVID-19

Tips for a Healthy Body During COVID-19

Buy And Use Fresh Products

Buy fresh products and those with shorter shelf life. Now that summer has started, you must make it a habit to eat mangoes daily. Buy perishable fruits and vegetables so that you can eat them daily and prioritize these over non-perishables.

Eat Only Home Cooked Food

The lockdown has been in force on and off for more than a year now and all of us want it to end quickly so that we get back to our normal lives and start eating outside. In fact, some restaurants are operational and are delivering food via apps. It’s better to eat home-cooked meals now than order from outside because restaurant food is not as healthy and nutritious as home-cooked food. Also, with the lockdown in force for so long, one cannot be sure of when the product to make the food was procured or what kind of oil is being to prepare the food.

If you are alone or have a limited quantity of grains /groceries /fruits /vegetables at home, then check online for how you can make healthy home-cooked meals with limited items. Take advantage of the freely available information online on food blogs and YouTube channels and experiment with your food. It’s always fun to make delicious food with a twist!

Balanced Diet

Let’s just be clear about one thing, only dieting won’t help you. What you need is a balanced diet.

One of the disadvantages of remaining home for such a long time is most of us don’t know if we are under-eating or overeating. This is especially true when the TV is on and we have nothing else to do other than binge-watching TV or OTT apps while binge-eating on snacks! This can lead to serious health issues. It’s always better to limit portion sizes and break the meals into five smaller meals in order for a healthy body.

This could also work out as your new dieting plan.

A Pinch of Salt

excess salt is not healthy

While it’s a fact that no meal is complete without salt, it’s also true that more salt can actually cause health issues. One of the major food and nutrition tips that most people miss is to should avoid excessive salt in their food.

The amount of salt we eat has a direct impact on our blood pressure. Salt is known to make our body hold on to water and that can lead to high blood pressure. With limited physical activities and nothing much to do, there might be issues with blood pressure. Try black salt or Himalayan salt instead as they have better health properties than the regular salt we are used to eating.

Reduce Intake Of Sugar

Again with limited physical activities, there’s not much our body can do to process sugar. Most of us, at least in India, drink tea or coffee about three times a day, and with the lockdown, we are also eating a lot of homemade desserts like halwa, jalebis, and other sweets. These can lead to obesity instead of a healthy body. Avoid drinking sugary drinks and packaged juices as they are rich in sugar. Instead, you drink natural fruit juices made at home without including sugar in them.

One of the good nutrition tips will always be for you to avoid sugar and sweets as much as possible.

Stay Hydrated

a woman drinking water

A healthy diet also and always consists of a proper intake of water. Keep yourself well hydrated as it’s the most crucial aspect for optimal health.

Drink plenty of water whenever and wherever possible. You must drink warm water and avoid cold water. Drinking water instead of sugared drinks is a good way to limit your intake of sugar and extra calories. This thing is so common that you will always hear nutritionists tell this as one of their simple health tips for everyone.

The Takeaway for a Healthy Body

kids eating fruit

Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand. Neglecting either of the two can impact your health adversely. And so to operate a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. Healthy fresh foods will help you and your kids build strong immunity to fight against not just coronavirus but any disease that comes your way!

Including regular exercise and yoga in your daily nutrition plan along with other vital nutrients in your food, you and your kids can lead a happy healthy life!

Eat healthy to stay healthy.

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