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Signs & Symptoms of Food Poisoning in Kids

Signs & Symptoms of Food Poisoning in Kids

Among all the common diseases like cold, cough and fever that create imbalances in kids’ life, food poisoning is one. As kids love to touch almost everything which surrounds them, they are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria’s. The problem is not only the disease but the issues that come with it. Children cannot be either precise about their irritation or express with clarity. Hence, most of the times they fail to make their parents understand what they are going through. Therefore, as a parent, one must be aware of the symptoms and understand the signs of food poisoning in kids. This will help you understand your kid’s problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

What Is Food Poisoning For Kids?

The reason for food poisoning is the same. Be it adults or infants. When you consume anything which is exposed to germs, it causes food poisoning. You might suffer through stomach ache that sometimes goes even further and causes diarrhea. An upset stomach is the most common sign of food poisoning.

Do you think removing all the bacteria from your food can solve this problem? No, it will double the trouble because there are good bacteria, too. The job of these good bacteria is to protect your stomach from harmful bacteria and fight against them.

Food Poisoning Symptoms in Kids

Defeating food poisoning is a matter of time if you know the symptoms and identify it at the earliest. Usual symptoms of food poisoning in kids include:


One of the most common symptoms of food poisoning in kids is nausea. The viruses attack the immunity system at first and weaken it.


Children get diarrhea due to food poisoning. By attacking the major digestive organs, food poisoning creates an imbalance. Diarrhea is the result of that.

Upset Stomach

Diarrhea and an upset stomach come hand-in-hand. So, this symptom will be there when your child is suffering from food poisoning.


Any imbalance in your digestive system makes your body’s metabolism faster. Thus, the blood pressure goes high as well as the temperature. Fever is not a common symptom of food poisoning. But, if it appears, you must know that the disease has spreaded deep inside your little one’s body.

Cramps and Pain in the Belly

Besides upset stomach, severe cramps and constant pain in the belly are two prominent signs of food poisoning. So, every time your children say, “I have an ache in my belly” may not be his excuse to skip school. Look into the matter and do not neglect it.


A turmoil feels inside your little one’s body when food poisoning attacks their immunity system. Headache is a reflection of that irritation.


Weakness is an inevitable sign of food poisoning. When your kid is suffering from an upset stomach, and they are going to the toilet, again and again, weakness overpowers their body.

How to Treat Food Poisoning in Child?

Healthy Food

Heal Dehydration

Your little one becomes the victim of dehydration when food poisoning disturbs the basic balance of fluid in their body. Food poisoning harnesses dehydration because the germ feeds on the body’s fluid. So, the treatment of food poisoning starts by supplying the necessary fluid for the body. Help them consume as much water as they can. Glucose water is the ideal solution for dehydration. Try to regularize glucose water for at least three days. It will not only fulfill the deficiency of water but also give them the necessary strength.

Healthy Food

A regular consumption of nutritious food can bid goodbye to food poisoning. Also, this is the most effective treatment for food poisoning in kids. Include fruits and other nutritious food items in their diet chart. Try to give them homemade food. Experts suggest that food items with a natural fluid like porridge, upma, and oats are heavy sources of nutrition during food poisoning.

Avoid Unnecessary Medication

Medications for food poisoning in kids are unnecessary unless and until it is a matter of absolute concern. Expert doctors also recommend some home remedies like ginger, lemon, bananas, and other nutritious food that contains vitamins and minerals. So, do not panic if your little one is down with food poison. Apply these remedies and see them heal quickly.

Abide by Doctor’s Advice

Doctors are your real friend in this time of crisis. Do not neglect any words. Listen to every bit and try to abide by them. Your child will recover with the right food, drink, and exercise. You may know all the food nutrients to treat them. Still, taking opinions from an expert has its own benefits.

On an Ending Note…

As a parent, you must know these common symptoms of food poisoning in kids. Ensure that you follow all the steps for remedy, and you will get the result in hand. If you find the article helpful, extend your helping hand to others for further assistance by sharing this blog.

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