Handpicked Best Free Apps to Teach Your Child Coding
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4 Free Apps To Teach Your Child Coding During COVID-19 Lockdown

4 Free Apps To Teach Your Child Coding During COVID-19 Lockdown


As expected the lockdown has been extended for an indefinite time in some states. Although this was a necessary step, the most affected are children because everything is closed. No parks, no temples, no parties, no celebrations, no libraries, and nothing that can keep them entertained and educated in the summer holidays.

Most children spend their time watching TV or playing games on smartphones or tablets. If you want your child to invest their time in something really productive or interesting, then there are some of the best free learning apps for kids to learn coding but we would strongly suggest that coding is something you must try for your kids.

importance of coding

Child Coding is fun and interesting. Over time it can become a tool for building a career or even as a fun activity. There are several free apps or websites where your child can start to learn to code.

While you have the time, teach or ask your child to learn to code or child coding. Here’s a list of a few trusted free apps or websites which can teach both you and your child coding.

Kids Using Computer

4 Free Apps to Teach Your Child Coding


Grasshopper is a Google product aimed at children as a learning app in their middle school or higher classes. Available on both Google Play and Apple AppStore, the app familiarizes children with child coding functions, strings, variables. The curriculum is based on JavaScript but the concepts apply to any programming language.

Grasshopper app for child coding


The Scratch project is owned by Lifelong Kindergarten Group of MIT Media Lab. Scratch is aimed at young children and helps Child Coding program interactive stories, games, and animations. It has emerged as one of the best reading apps for kids to learn. The website and app help children to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively with others around the world.

The app only works on Android tablets and if you are using a desktop or laptop, you can use the Scratch project editor on any browser. Child coding is important as it is the need of the hour and scratch helps kids with this.



Code.org is a non-profit agency that aims to expand access to computer science among students and increase women’s and youth’s participation. They teach a Child Coding. It’s by far the most popular free coding portal in the world. They organize the annual Hour of Code campaign in which more than 15% of all students in the world take part.



Lightbot is a website and app for kids that teaches coding and programming logic through puzzle games. They teach Child Coding things like sequencing, overloading, procedures, recursive loops, and conditionals. You can also try Spritebox coding and Lightbot: Code Hour



Science technology

Learning to code or Child Coding is not only a necessary skill for the 21st century, but it helps children solve problems, use their creativity, improve their self-esteem and teach them to think . Even those kids who don’t go for scientists or programmers benefit from learning to code or program.There is n number of apps for kids to learn are available in the market, you should first explore and try to understand exactly are the fields of interests of your child and then try to work out different learning apps for them.

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