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Good Eating Habits For Kids

Good Eating Habits For Kids

A young child of four or five will likely be potty-trained. Children begin to show signs of maturity then. They start brushing their teeth, eating with their hands and can learn the alphabet. These are necessary for every child – to be able to work independently and consistently. Up till the age of five, your child must learn how to repeat tasks. Here are some good eating habits for kids as they determine the kind of mental and physical space your child will possess as she traverses through the journey of life.

Some Good Eating Habits For Kids

Scientists have suggested that a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain called dopamine is responsible for repeating tasks. Every child needs to learn how to do essential things like brushing teeth, bathing, drinking water, eating food and using the toilet as dopamine activates the mind and makes us motivated. This is why it is integral that the right foods are given to your little one.

Kids Eating – a Sight to Watch!

This week is National Nutrition Week. Some foods for your child to get enough dopamine in her system are almonds, bananas, green leafy veggies, peanuts and watermelon. Proteins are also good as they boost metabolism and burn fat. It is said that a way to a man’s heart is through his belly; similarly, the way through a child’s heart is through her belly too. So long as you are providing her nutritious foods, you are right on target. Healthy eating habits for kids are a must if they are to fructify in the school space. 

No parent wants to see her child eat junk food. But the definition of junk food has changed over the years. In the West, adults have used canned/tinned foods in their dishes for ages and thought of them as healthy. In India, they are a luxury! They are also bad for health as they have long shelf lives (the shorter the shelf life the better it is for gut health although there are exceptions like chyavanprash). Children should not be served them as they are pumped with preservatives. It takes a bit of mother wit to realise that preservatives and additives are bad for health. In India, it is customary for parents to feed their children home food. This custom has stayed with us throughout the ages and holds us in good stead. Dopamine is present in foods that give nourishment to all the bodily sheaths. 

Eating Habits For Kids: A Must In The Modern World

Have you seen a child not get excited when she is given a chocolate? Chocolate, apart from boosting dopamine (interestingly), is loved by one and all. Children salivate when they see sugary foods. They simply love them! What makes them crave more and more of them? Dopamine! Also, there is something interesting about human behavior and nature. We seem to possess repetitive mental tendencies throughout the centuries that make us desire and want the same things. Children across cultures crave for sugary foods but detest, say, broccoli. Unless you are this little girl who does not want candy but broccoli! Such instances are rare and make the internet go wild!

Getting Kids To Eat Healthy

Eating habits for your child include good and nutritious foods that are beneficial to her mental and physical being. There is nothing like seeing kids eating food! They devour whatever is given to them. They slurp and lick. Kids eating are a sight to watch as they experiment with their foods. In India, since we do not use cutlery, kids create art out of their food. A healthy eating plate for kids is the most important way for your child to develop her habits into a coherent whole. Healthy eating for kids is a must in these uncertain, unpredictable times. It is vital that eating habits for kids are picked up to ensure they are in a good position in the years to come. Getting kids to eat healthy is paramount. The benefits of eating healthy for kids will show in their faces, they will have a spring in their step and will be able to rise and shine at school, for following a good eating habits’ chart for kids will push them into higher and more beneficial frontiers. 

A healthy lifestyle is critical for your child’s all-inclusive development. Their health is of utmost importance and should be your main concern. They need to have a nutritious diet that contains nutrients, healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables that inhere in vitamins and minerals of all kinds. As kids are physically active, their daily routine should take place while they are being offered a variety of foods. Processed foods and junk food are a no-no. This is how good parenting and healthy living go hand-in-hand – as a healthy lifestyle is ever important for them to prosper and enliven themselves.

We offer hope in times of distress to your little ones. Our counselling sessions will enable you to know more about healthy eating if you choose to. Even on festival days, it is important that you give your child less oily and sugary foods.

After you have trained your child to repeat tasks successfully, she will take to them like a fish to water. The basic underpinning factor for this training is healthy living. A child needs to maintain a balanced diet and that starts from the food she is given at home. Crucial to her welfare is a healthy weight and a daily routine. If you have overlooked this important aspect of her being, it is time to start paving the way for healthy eating. This National Nutrition Week, we will cover topics of the day that relate to nutrition and sustenance. Stay tuned!

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