How To Keep Your Children Entertained and Educated During COVID-19
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How To Keep Your Children Entertained and Educated During COVID-19 Lockdown

How To Keep Your Children Entertained and Educated During COVID-19 Lockdown

The nationwide lockdown is now in effect and with schools, play homes, day-care centers, and nurseries closed, parents are faced with the daunting task of keeping their children entertained, fit, healthy, and educated.  This means as parents you will have to multitask while fitting your work from home schedule intact while you play with your child.

There’s no way you can watch TV all day and neither let your child watch. There’s also no way you can let your child use mobiles all day while you continue to work.  So, the only way to keep sane while staying home is to do certain activities that will make life a little more manageable and better.

Here’s how to deal with self-isolation with children at home.

  1. Education

Almost every school by now has started online classes to teach children next year’s portions or have started with virtual classes for the next academic year. You can help your child study at home after their online classes.  Just in case your child’s school has not yet started online classes for the next year, you can ask your child to repurpose some of his previous year’s text and notebooks to study something new if not covered by any teacher. In case everything has been covered, then you can ask your child to read newspapers and weekly magazines. This will help them improve their vocabulary, knowledge, comprehension, and language skills. Additionally, you can ask your child to write newspaper headlines in the notebook. This will improve your child’s handwriting skills as well as understanding and comprehension.

  • Play indoor games

Indoor games like carrom, chess, snake and ladder, ludo, cards, balloon badminton, ball catching, and business cards are always fun to play. Not only are these games good for a family setting, but they also help children learn something new with every game. These games keep them engaged for a long time and improve their listening, understanding, observing, and thinking skills. They also bring families together.

  • Play Quiz

Quizzes are soon becoming one of the most effective ways to keep children engaged and more during a forced long lockdown. Today the internet is full of free quizzing portals. If you have the time and bandwidth, then you can create one at home. There are several benefits of quizzes. One they help with concentration. Secondly, they help identify gaps in knowledge. Thirdly they build confidence. Finally, they help children retain information. And the best part is they are fun.

In the world of education, quizzing has an important role to play. it’s a wonderful way to learn and consolidate what has been learned. Earlier children were expected to learn dates, events, and formulas by the rote method and this method is neither effective nor interesting. Quizzing helps them memorize these in a much better way.

  • Ask them to pick and work on a hobby

Now is the time for you to help your child pursue his hobby. Hobbies make your child into a lifelong learner. From the time a child is born, their parents start dreaming about their future. Check with your child if he’s interested in something new or interesting and if the answer is positive, check for resources online. You can check for the resources locally once the lockdown is lifted.

There are several benefits of having hobbies and the main one is it helps families in building close relationships. They help adults as much as they help adults.

  • Learn Computers

Well, this is something that they are aware of and already learn in their schools. But now is the time for them to learn computers and coding. There are several free websites that teach free coding.  Just enrol your child to one of these portals and see your child code his way to glory.

  • Painting, drawing, and art

These are some art forms that children like to explore and are always excited about. Ask your child to draw, paint, or color anything they want. They have all the time to do whatever they want to draw.

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