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7 Popular Online Learning Platforms For Children To Use During Lockdown

7 Popular Online Learning Platforms For Children To Use During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic outbreak has confined us to our small rooms. No longer can we go out to school, work, or even out to play. But the period is especially hard for kids. With all educational institutions closed to avoid the spread of COVID-19, children are finding it hard to cope. With strict social distancing in force, there is no chance of getting out of our homes. So how can we as parents make this time easier on them? The solution lies in the numerous online learning platforms. That’s right, several websites and apps now provide learning collateral for free to help children during the lockdown. Children can use them to learn engagingly and effectively.

Here’s a list of online learning platforms that can help your child learn at ease at home.


Online Learning Platforms teach dance

UMANG is one of the best all-one online learning platforms that provide numerous educational services. It has made more than 10 million ebooks, videos, and audio files for free for children—most of these concern primary and secondary school subjects. You can also access NCERT’s E-Pathshala. Using this platform, your child can prepare for the whole academic year. The app is available for free download on both Android and Apple operating systems.


This is a Bangalore-based interactive online tutoring platform. It has launched the streaming service Vedanta Learn Live Online that provides free online classes for CBSE, ICSE, NTSE, and Olympiad exams. In addition, Vedantu offers free study materials to every student that signups during the pandemic. The students can access all classes and content of Vedantu from standard 1 to standard 12 are free. The Vedantu app is available for free download on the Apple and Android platforms. Their website offers classes for those who prefer using desktop instead of mobiles. 

National Geographic Kids

This website isn’t one of the usual online learning platforms, yet it is immensely beneficial to students of all ages. The popular entertainment TV station has an online presence in the form of Youtube and its website. Children can view all of National Geographic’s TV series free there. In addition, the website delivers vast educational content on animals, the world, space, and more. Kids can visit their website to play interactive games that utilize miscellaneous facts and trivia. These games help in developing general knowledge.


Online Learning Platforms teaching geography

Are you looking for good online learning platforms that prepare your kid for the future? Look no more. Worldatlas. Com is a comprehensive source covering continents, countries, answers, travel, society, politics, economics, and much more. Additionally, it’s free to use and has a massive selection of topics on just about everything your child needs to know. Your child will quickly learn everything from the Earth’s origin to the current pandemic and everything in between.


There is nothing as educational as tales and lores for kids aged 1 to 3 years. These teach our children our rich history and culture while imparting vital moral lessons. Chandamama is one of the online learning platforms that do it in digital form. The online learning platform started as a small regional magazine and has expanded to produce content in English, Hindi, and other local languages. It is one of the best e-learning websites that deliver lessons as moral stories and fairytales. Kids can also find many contests, classes on drawing, crafts, poems, and essays. The puzzles and riddles especially stimulate creativity and quick thinking skills in kids.


What about one of the online learning platforms that specialize in coding. Coding has already become the main highlight of this century’s workforce. The rapid advancement of technology means coding will become an inseparable part of our life in the future. Codakid helps to prepare your child for that future. You can access 1 on 1 lessons, paced courses, lessons in professional languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Java, and much more. Also, kids will learn how to mod various famous games and maybe even create their own.

Khan Academy Kids

Online Learning Platforms educating in the form of games

We cannot talk about online learning platforms without talking about Khan Academy Kids. The website offers an unlimited supply of learning resources for children. The resources are suitable to learn at home. Your kid will learn anything they want – from foreign languages to musical instruments. The best thing? The Khan Academy Kids is one of the non-profit online learning sites that provides free educational videos to children globally. Let your kid spend their time watching the interactive videos and developing their skills. 

This is not an exhaustive list of online learning platforms you can choose for your child. But instead, an excellent place to start exploring the concept of online learning. In addition, these virtual learning explicitly targets kids, so there is no chance of them getting easily bored.

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