Productive Things Children Can Do At Home During

Productive Things Children Can Do At Home During Lockdown

Productive Things Children Can Do At Home During Lockdown

With lockdown being necessitated due COVID-19 pandemic, students have all the time on earth. However, with parks, grounds, malls, stadiums, and cinemas closed, students have nowhere to go and nothing to do as they don’t have access to anything, not even their friends.

How long can they watch TV or listen to the radio? How long can they talk to others at home or over phone? How much can they read or write? There’s always a limit to something one can do in a day before they get bored or tired.

Here are 3 productive things children can do at home while the COVID-19 or corona virus lockdown lasts.

Learn a new language

A person can be expected to be bilingual or trilingual in India. That’s because our education system includes English and Hindi and the state’s local language in the curriculum. How about learning a new language?  Well English is by far the most spoken and widely-used language across the world for trade and business. However, one can never go wrong with learning a new language. Teach your child a new foreign language with freely available apps and websites.  It’s easy for children to learn a new language as their young minds can easily absorb the words and meanings.

  • Learn a new skill

Now is the time for children to learn a new skill. Learning new skills can easily prepare them for the future and job ready. These skills will make them widely accepted across domains and roles. There are hundreds and thousands of online courses available freely that teach a new activity or skills to upgrade your child. Skills like coding, Google analytics, stock market investing, music, painting and drawing and more are something you can look up to now.

  • Learn to bake and cook

This is an important life skill that will take your child places. Whether in a situation like this in the future or living in the hostel, your child can easily learn to survive with self-cooking or baking. You must also know that cooking is a serious business today and is a worthy career option. Also what’s important to remember is Indian’s are travelling a lot and are aware of global food. If cooking can pique your child’s interest, you child can make a wonderful living out of it.