What is Minuend and Subtrahend? - Definition with Examples
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Minuend – Definition With Examples

Minuend – Definition With Examples

Have you ever wondered if the numbers you teach your child could have another name? Indeed, you must have done subtraction many times in your life. Have you ever thought about how subtraction is possible? Yes, it is because of two values that perform the operation. So, what are those two values called? Tell me. Are you not getting the exact word? No worries; there is no age for learning. In this blog, you will learn about the minuend meaning and the values that play an essential role in the subtraction operation.

Minuend and Subtrahend

What is Minuend and Subtrahend?

Here you will understand the minuend and subtrahend meanings in an easy way: 

Definition of Minuend

The term minuend is used to denote a number from which another number is subtracted. The minuend is the greater number from which the lesser number is subtracted. 

Minuend Example

Let’s consider the subtraction equation,

  1. 167 – 92 = 75; here, 167 is the minuend.
  2. 7920 – 420 = 7500; here, 7920 is the minuend.
  3. a – b = c; here, a is the minuend.

As we know about the first value in subtraction, let’s explore what the second value is.

Definition of Subtrahend

The subtrahend is a term used to denote a term that is being subtracted from the other number. The subtrahend is the smallest number which is subtracted by the greater number.

Subtrahend Example

Let’s consider the subtraction equation,

1500- 500 = 1000

Here, 500 is the subtrahend.

What is the Difference in math’s?

The difference in math results from the mathematical operation, which is obtained by subtracting two numbers. The aim of finding the difference in math is to know how many numbers lie between the two given numbers.

Example of Difference in math’s

Let’s consider the subtraction equation,

250 – 50 = 200

Here, 200 is the difference.

Minuend – Subtrahend = Difference

Solved examples of Minuend

  • Find the minuend in 780 – 190. 

According to the meaning of minuend, the first value in subtraction or the value from which subtraction is done is called minuend.

Therefore, 780 is the minuend.

  • Find the subtrahend in 260- 25.

Subtrahend is the last value in subtraction, or the value by which another value gets subtracted is known as a subtrahend.

Therefore, 25 is the subtrahend.

  • Find the difference value in 70 – 20 = 50.

Difference is the value in subtraction, which we get by subtracting two numbers.

Therefore, 50 is the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Subtraction?

Answer: Subtraction is taking an amount of a number away from another.

For example, 12 – 6 = 6

2. What are Mathematical Operators?

There are four basic types of mathematical operators such as subtraction, addition, multiplication and division.

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