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12 Bottle-Feeding Tips For Moms During Breastfeeding


Pallavi Gulati





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Bottle feeding baby

When mothers return to work, they often face a new reality: Learning how to indulge in bottle feeding tips for their breastfed baby. Ultimately, while bottle-feeding a baby, a mother who is already breastfeeding her baby should ensure that the little one gets the nutrients he needs and that breastfeeding is fully supported. Actually, bottle feeding instead of breastfeeding is a great idea for any new mom. However, before you go for bottle feeding, make sure that you have appropriately established breastfeeding with your child because there can be a situation where babies find difficulty learning to breastfeed if you introduce them to a bottle feed. Wanting to develop the habit of bottle-feeding with breastfeeding? Good news: We have got you covered.

Parenting becomes all the easier when you welcome bottle-feeding while breastfeeding

12 bottle feeding Tips for breastfeeding moms 

bottle feeding for baby

Breastfeeding can have many benefits for both you and your cutie pie. However, it isn’t that easy for every mom. These few tips can help you ease into breastfeeding and all the challenges that go along with it.

  1. Once you have established a healthy milk volume from your breast, then you can plan to add a bottle. Because by doing this, you will not find any difficulty in bottle-feeding your baby.
  1. When reading bottle-feeding tips for moms, it’s important to remember that many newborns who breastfeed babies do not accept bottles at the earliest. They may take a couple of attempts before they get the hang of it. Hence, you must bear patience and continue to offer the bottle to your baby.
  1. Before you go back to work, you must start bottle-feeding your child before two to four weeks. Because by doing this, you are allowing your baby to adjust to the habit of bottle feeding, and you will also be able to see whether your baby is taking the feed from the bottle effectively or not. It will also help you in beginning your journey of bottle-feeding your baby. Be sure that your little one is calm and relaxed before offering him a bottle for the first time. 
  1. If you are breastfeeding alongside, then the other bottle-feeding tips for moms is to use slow-feeding bottle nipples because it will allow your baby to drink milk at a slower pace. It will also help you in preventing the problem of gas among your toddlers.
Slow down while bottle feeding the breastfeeding baby
  1. The fourth bottle-feeding tip for moms is that you must keep your little one close while feeding through a bottle because your toddler will experience the same sensations he feels when you breastfeed him. You must hold your toddler close to your chest and utilize this time in developing bonding with your baby. While giving bottle feed to your baby, you must move your baby from one arm to another, similar to the way you do while breastfeeding. In this way, you will learn about how to bottle-feed a breastfeeding baby.
  1. The best part about bottle feeding is that you do not have to do it all on your own. You can give the bottle feeding duty to your partner as well, and you can spend that time taking a power nap.  
Hand over the bottle feeding task for the breastfeeding baby, to your partner for a while
  1. Before bottle-feeding your child, you must check the milk’s temperature, and ideally, it should be at body temperature. Hold the baby bottle in warm running water, or you can also put the bottle in a bowl filled with warm water. After some time, check the temperature by spewing a little amount on your wrist. Do not heat the bottle of milk in the microwave because it can burn the tongue of your baby. This is a safety issue and one of the most important bottle feeding tips for new moms
  1. Another in our list of bottle-feeding tips for moms is that when you bottle-feed your child, make sure that you are holding your baby in a semi-upright position, i.e., at an angle of 45-degree. Because if you place your baby in a lying-down position, it can increase the chances of causing ear infections as the milk can easily flow into the ear. 
  1. You need to pick the right bottle when you start to bottle-feed your baby. You must choose the bottle with a broad nipple base for the babies shifting from breastfeeding to bottle feed. Also, the baby bottles with a wider mouth are easier to clean. Later on, you can change the bottle when your baby begins to grow. 
Pick the right bottle while bottle feeding a breastfeeding baby
  1. While breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the same time, you must pay attention to your child’s hygiene and safety, and for doing this, make sure that you have correctly sanitized the feeding bottle before and after use. Do not forget to wash your hands before feeding the bottle to your little one. When you are preparing a formula, use the water that is safe for your kid. 
  1. Hold the feeding bottle correctly. You must hold the bottle in a parallel position to the ground so that your toddler can drink slowly. As the bottle gets empty, tilt it upwards. While bottle-feeding, make sure that the head of the nipple is full of milk so that your toddler cannot be able to gulp air, which can likely cause the problem of gas. 
  1. Never leave your baby alone with the feeding bottle because it is dangerous to leave the baby alone with the bottle until they develop the habit of holding the bottle on their own. This is one of the most important feeding bottle tips for new moms. Moreover, it usually happens when the age of your child is between 6-10 months.  


bottle feeding a baby the right way

When it comes to bottle-feeding tips and tricks, babies tend to react and adapt differently. The one constant thing is that your cute little eater will get used to it in time and soon will be taking the bottle like a pro. Eating healthy is very important for kids from the time they are babies till they grow up. Thank you for taking the time to read our post about bottle-feeding tips for moms. I hope you have found this information very useful.

Happy Feeding, Mamma!

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