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5 Key Features An Ideal School of CBSE board in India Should Have

5 Key Features An Ideal School of CBSE board in India Should Have


Every parent wants the best for their kids when they are in the CBSE board, including admitting them to an ideal school in India. As a second home, a school has considerable influence on a child’s personal growth and future career development. However, choosing the perfect CBSE board school can be quite tricky. From infrastructure to fees to the curriculum, there are many factors that a parent has to consider first. In an interview with Mr. Rahul Dravid – Former Indian Cricketer, we asked him what features he considers when choosing a school for kids? Here are some of the qualities that Dravid thinks are necessary for an ideal school in India:

Qualities of an Ideal School according to Rahul Dravid.

Qualified Teachers in An Ideal school

The CBSE board school environment depends not only on schools but also on the teachers. A good teacher is not just about having the most qualifications. Instead, it’s being someone who understands and supports all the students. If school is a home away from home, teachers are the equivalent parents. For example, in Orchids International School, kids are taught how to ask questions, challenge their opinion, and express their views, all without any fear of failure. In an exemplary school environment, all students are treated equally irrespective of their academic results and are encouraged to be the best version of themselves.

Importance of Both Academics And Co-Curricular Activities in An Ideal school

While academics might be the main aim of CBSE board schools, it’s crucial not to overlook co-curricular activities. A model school places equal emphasis on both books as well as social activities. Co-curricular activities can range from sports festivals to dedicated clubs.

“An ideal school inspires today’s kids in becoming tomorrow’s leaders.”— Rahul Dravid

Social activities like debates and discussions develop public speaking skills in children, which is crucial to be a member of society. No matter if your kid wants to become a scientist or a CEO of their own business, public speaking is a trait that they need to hone. Sports activities and tournaments nurture team spirit among students while encouraging good-natured competitiveness. Furthermore, being active physically results in a healthier and more productive life.

Frequent Workshops And Demonstrations Are Mandatory in An Ideal School in India

In a world increasingly focused on just numbers, what is the meaning of being an ideal school in India? Just bookish knowledge isn’t enough for the proper growth and development of kids. It’s vital that they have social interactions and hands-on experience regarding the things they are learning. A CBSE board school should provide regular opportunities for kids to interact with the real world by organizing workshops and tours. Orchids International School- the CBSE board , for example, has workshops that involve child psychologists and counselors. Kids are taught about crucial things like the difference between good touch and bad touch, how to recognize signs of stress, how to report abuse, and much more.

Holistic Development in An Ideal school

So, what is the most essential feature that makes any school an ideal school in India?

“Holistic development backed up with personalized, experimental, digitally enhanced learning, interdisciplinary education, more accurate testing, inclusive approach, less time in school, more time in the field.” — Rahul Dravid

A CBSE board school should focus on nurturing entrepreneurship, and most importantly, safety and security for each child. Every child is different, and thus, they need a varied approach to education. Holistic education combines the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students into an easy-to-learn format. Students are encouraged to think critically and develop their problem-solving skills. A holistic approach is perhaps the most telling feature of a school that will provide the best learning opportunity to your child.

Security Present in An Ideal School in India

Orchids International School Security

An indispensable quality of a CBSE board school is having tight security measures that ensure the safety of the students at all times. As the place kids spend most of their day, a safe space lets kids grow to their full potential. A good school extends safety right from when the kid is picked up by the school bus till when they are dropped at their home. Many CBSE board schools like Orchids International school go a step further by taking measures like:

  1. Regulated entry and exit of all children and staff
  2. Trained security guards at all exits
  3. GPS equipped school buses
  4. Ensuring the classroom doors have no locks
  5. 360-degree surveillance through CCTV cameras
  6. Exclusive female staff
  7. Thorough background check on every staff member.

When it comes to choosing the best CBSE board school for your kid, what characteristic is most important to you as a parent? Leave a comment to let us know.

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