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6 Ways to Encourage Positive Development of Children

6 Ways to Encourage Positive Development of Children

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. Encourage Them to Befriend Children from Different Communities.
  3. Introduce Different Art Forms
  4. Teach Them The Joy of Sharing
  5. Never Compare
  6. Encourage Them For Little Achievements
  7. Let Them Evaluate Themselves


In this fast-moving world, encouraging your children to adapt to technological progress is one of the most positive attitudes you can have as a parent. But technology is not the limit for your child. Attribute some human qualities to them. Only these will help them connect with the community and extend their sphere of influence. A positive development of children comes with a positive attitude towards life. Encourage them to look on the bright side. Do you remember how Dumbledore said, 

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Encourage Them to Befriend Children from Different Communities

Encourage Them to Befriend Children from Different Communities

India nurtures unity in diversity. So, being an Indian, encouraging your children to make friends from various backgrounds is a good practice. This habit will not only help them in healthy growth but have tolerance for different life forms. They will learn to respect disagreements as well. In the last few reports of human psychological study, experts have seen that people have become very intolerant in the past ten years. Some suspect the rise of the internet and excessive availability of entertainment has caused so. We no longer wait for our favorite movies or songs. It is there at our fingertips that has reduced the practice of patience. The more your little star embraces the outer world, the more they will know the true essence of life. 

Introduce Different Art Forms

Introduce Different Art Forms

Art is fundamental to human brains. If you want the healthy growth of your child, there is no better thing than introducing them to different genres of art. The kind of application in impressionist art is entirely different from that of renaissance paintings. Bestow a vast knowledge of paintings and sculptures on them. Children thrive naturally when they finally find their bonding with art. Not only painting, but child growth and development also depend on different art forms like singing, dancing, and all other performing arts. Therefore, international schools like ORCHIDS are introducing them to a vast field of art and culture. Thus, ORCHIDS is enhancing their cognitive skills and bringing out the global citizens of tomorrow. 

Teach Them The Joy of Sharing

Teach Them The Joy of Sharing

“Sharing is caring” and everyone knows that. Nowadays, children usually grow up in neutral families. As they do not have to share things with anybody, they often do not explore the joy of sharing. Teach your children what it means to share things with friends and acquaintances. They will know the value of co-existing by sharing a small bite of food or maybe an eraser. This is such a nice and easy practice that you can start in your home and from a very tender age. By developing the habit of sharing, they can easily communicate with people. So, you are also ensuring that your child is not lonely at any time. There are some definite child development stages, and teaching them the joy of sharing is the beginning of it. 

Never Compare

Most of us have been compared to someone by our parents. Do you remember the feeling of that comparison? You surely do not want the repetition of that feeling for your child. The first condition of nurturing a child with a positive mindset is not to compare them with anyone else. As a parent, you must help your child believe they are unique. Your parenting is correct if you can plant the seed of unwavering faith in them. The comparison does not only shatter self-confidence but also makes them hungry for acknowledgment. This never-ending hunger will haunt your child all their life, and they will end up believing they are not good enough. Therefore, the comparison is a big red flag in every child development definition book. 

Encourage Them for Little Achievements

Encourage Them For Little Achievements

No matter how small your child’s achievement is. Never let them feel that it is insignificant. Congratulate them and tell them to keep the consistency. They should feel like they have climbed another step on their ladder of success. Motivate them for small goals and set a bigger one at the end. Make them feel that every achievement counts and that you are there to celebrate each step. 

Let Them Evaluate Themselves.

Let Them Evaluate Themselves

There is nothing better than self-evaluation. Encourage your children to evaluate their mistakes. When children rectify their errors, they learn why they should not have done this. You do not need to tell them where they are going wrong. Rather they keep them away from going on the same path again. 

So, as a parent, you must take these steps for the positive development of your child. Once these become their daily habits, they make the most positive outcomes from them. Celebrate your child by blessing them with good and small habits daily. Thus, your parenting will become an example for everyone. ORCHIDS salutes the uniqueness of every child by nourishing their good habits to make them even better. If you find the blog helpful, help other parents by sharing it with them.

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