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Tips for Anger Management in Teenagers

Tips for Anger Management in Teenagers


Anger is a common feeling that happens when something upsets you. It is one of the natural feelings, and it happens to all people. However, anger is no longer natural if you cannot control it. Hence, keeping your temper in control is extremely important.  Today’s teenagers tend to go out of control, and they overreact without realizing its consequences and outcomes. The lack of anger management in teenagers often gets them into trouble. Thus, improper expression of anger can lead to many serious consequences for teenagers

Ways to Cope-up with Anger Management in Teenagers

If you often struggle in controlling your anger, these anger management techniques below will help:

Analyze your teen anger

Sometimes, anxiety, sadness, tiredness, and fear make you feel anger, even though they are all separate emotions. Thus, whenever you notice that your teen is angry, ask them to take a couple of minutes to figure out what exactly they are feeling. By doing this, you are helping your child in knowing what he can do to help themselves. 

Make them practice relaxation techniques

When your teen can’t control their anger, then you must find a way to make them relax physically. When your teen is able to relax his body and mind, then he will be more in control of his emotions.  Meditation and Yoga are some ways they can relax their body and mind. These are the relaxation techniques that guide your teen about relaxing their body and become more focused on controlling their thoughts.  

Encourage them to do regular exercise

A good workout will make your teen physically relaxed and emotionally calm. Therefore, for controlling anger management in teenagers, you must encourage your teen to do regular exercise. There is some anger management exercise that releases feel-good hormone endorphins, which make your mood light and easy. When your teen , exercise regularly will make them feel physically and mentally healthier.  He will find that their moods are getting better, and he will be able to sleep better, and it can also lower their level of Anxiety.  Thus, reduce their level of Anger and irritability. 

Make them listen to music

Music is one of the good ways to feel relaxed, and it will make your mood light. Therefore, you must look for some music that makes them feel better whenever your teen gets angry. Ask your teenager to jot down a list of those songs that make them feel better when feeling angry or annoyed.  Distracting your teen’s minds into the music will help them focus on something other than the things that are making them angry.  

Make them learn about problem-solving skills

Often teenagers who lack Problem-Solving Skills may get angry. Therefore, for controlling anger management in teenagers, it’s your responsibility to teach your teen about problem-solving skills. Whether he is suffering from any issue, you must encourage your teenager to identify the best potential solution for themselves and choose the one that will suit them the best.  These will help your teen in identifying that there are so many ways of solving a problem without getting angry. With the change in time, they will feel more confident in their ability to successfully solve the problem by themselves. 

Teach them skills to cope up with their Anger

Teenagers who don’t know how to cope with their anger, are more likely to become more aggressive. Therefore, it is very important for them to learn ways to deal with their angry feelings. You must help them in identifying several coping skills to deal with their emotions like disappointment or frustration. You must help them in identifying several strategies that can help them in diffusing their Anger. 


A time-out technique is one of the best ways to control anger management in teenagers. Give your teen a complete space to gather their thoughts and make them understand the reason for getting angry.   If your teen chooses to time-out, then don’t insist on them to talk. Instead, give them a complete time to calm down. 

Make them aware of their Signs of Anger

Often, teenagers fail to identify when their Anger is on the rise. They allow themselves to become so angry that they can’t do anything but lash out. Therefore, to control anger management in a teenage daughter, you must make her aware of the signs of anger like a rapid heartbeat or red face.  Whenever your teen feels angry, you must encourage them to take action like taking a few deep breaths, counting numbers backward, or taking a break. 

Be a role model

Become a role model and teach your teen about the most appropriate ways of controlling their anger. Teach your child about the way of expressing their angry feelings and the ways to cope with them. In this way, you are teaching your child about the techniques of anger management in teenagers that will help them in their near future. 


There is a proverb that goes “he who allows himself to be overcome by anger, exposes himself to lose.” Although it is very true, an adult can be tempted to get carried away by anger many times. Imagine then to what extent it can happen to a child. The youngest do not yet know how to control primary emotions, so it is common for parents to find it enormously difficult to control anger in children. The key is to teach them to channel that anger in an efficient and non-self-destructive way. So try these methods out and let us know in the comment section if it works for your child.

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