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Super fun activities to do with kids in your backyard

Super fun activities to do with kids in your backyard


It’s fun to go outside on a beautiful day and play games with your kids. But it can be hard to come up with fun activities for kids on the spot. That’s why you should always make sure you’ve got some fun manual labor ideas ready to go in your back pocket!

Does that sound like too much work? Not at all! All of these fun backyard games don’t even require any special equipment beyond some balls, sticks, maybe a blanket; nothing fancy.

From dandelion stomping races (whoever collects the most flowers before their feet touch the ground) to fun stick building competitions (build me a bridge or tower or house), there’s something here for everyone. And they’ll keep you active, too!

15 fun activities for kids to do in the backyard

Here is a list of a few super fun activities to do with your kids right in your backyard-

1) Build a sandcastle

This is one of the accessible and super engaging fun activities for kids. All you need to do is have fun colored buckets, spoons, funnels to create your masterpiece. Just remember to put sunscreen on the kids if it is sunny outside!

2) Make some bird feeders

If you live near an area with birds, then this fun activity for kids may be perfect for you! All you need are some pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed to make these adorable, fun activities for kids.

3) Go geocaching

Everyone loves treasure hunts, right? Well, why not take this fun activity for kids to the next level and add in some fun technology! You can find plenty of fun caches around your neighborhood that are fun activities for kids. All you need is a GPS-enabled device or even your phone.

4) Race

This fun activity for kids is all about being active! It does not have to be anything serious; just have fun seeing which kid runs fastest between two different markers. Be creative with this one; maybe use two pieces of chalk on the sidewalk or jump over the garden hose lying on the grass.

5) Make an obstacle course

Why not get everyone involved in creating this super fun activity for kids? Make the kids have fun while getting active by seeing which child completes the obstacle course first. All you need are things you have laying around the house like pillows, boxes, trash bags- anything fun that will create an obstacle course.

6) Roll down a hill

This fun activity for kids is great to utilize during summertime when it’s hot outside! Grab a tarp and see how quickly your kids can roll down the hill without getting hurt. It could be fun to race each other or make up different games with this fun activity for kids.

7) Find shapes in the clouds

All you need here are some sunny days, and you’re ready to play this fun game! Every cloud has a shape so let the fun fly as you search for different conditions in the sky. You can even make fun games out of this fun activity for kids.

8) Explore and create

The best fun activities for kids come from exploring and creating things yourself! Let the kids get creative and find fun ways to collect natural items, but please always supervise them while they’re doing this fun activity for kids.

9) Freeze dance

This fun activity for kids is a classic which works well when you’ve had enough of the heat during summertime! Turn on some fun music or let your child’s favorite tune play in the background as they dance like crazy to their new favorite song. Don’t be surprised if you hear laughter coming from outside because this fun activity for kids really can be super fun and silly.

10) Have fun with bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles! This fun activity for kids is classic and always fun. It’s great because you don’t have to prepare anything beforehand, but make sure you bring your child outside when the weather is nice!

11) Plant some seed

If your children are really into gardening, then they’ll enjoy this fun activity for kids. Simply bring them outside with some gardening gloves and introduce them to your favorite flower. Make sure you make it fun by pretending to be scared of bugs or talking in funny voices!

12) Play a rousing game of catch or football

Even if you’re not good at sports, this fun activity for kids is always fun to do. If you have a backyard, then all you need are some balls or Frisbees! For added fun, use an inflatable pool and see who can throw the ball in without getting wet.

13) Play flashlight tag

This fun activity for kids tests your child’s ability to stay quiet and sneak up on their friends! Simply let them play a fun game of flashlight tag until it’s too dark to see.

14) Break out the water balloon launcher

It may be fun to fill up some balloons by hand, but nothing beats a water balloon launcher when it comes to speed and volume. This fun activity for kids is also great because you can see who has the best arm by having them try to hit a target.


The fun activity for kids doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! Bring out the flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, glowsticks, etc., and let your children explore what happens at night after they’ve spent all day exploring their backyard during the day. Try these fun activities for kids in your backyard and make the day super fun for you and your child.

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