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Outdoor Games and It’s Benefits for Kids


Mautushi Paul





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Sometimes it takes very little for a kid to have fun: friends, a little grass, a rope or a few pebbles may be enough. But today, most of the activities that a child does take place in closed spaces. Watching tv, playing video games or studying occupies most of their time and deprives them of leading a more active life, in contact with the outside world. 

Best outdoor activities and importance of games for kids.

We have prepared a selection that shows the importance, benefits and some best outdoor games for kids. So, what are you waiting for? Read on because you will rediscover many of the classic best outdoor activities from your childhood. Take note!

Importance of outdoor games

Playing outside helps the little ones to improve their social skills , since by being in contact with other children they must learn to relate, share, negotiate and, ultimately, interact with others. In this sense, playing with other children also implies the need to develop leadership and cooperation skills, including learning to lead but also to give in, something that will be very valuable for the future.

Outdoor activities not only develop better physical capacities, thanks to the practice of sport. But they also involve other beneficial skills: children gain self-confidence because they promote their abilities and overcome their fears.

Playing outdoors stimulates children’s imagination and creativity, as it is an ideal setting for inventing games and imagining situations. The learning opportunities are numerous with the possibility and freedom to observe, explore and experiment for themselves.

Benefits of Nature in children

The relationship between children and nature is declining over the years. In the past, it was natural for the child to spend most of his time away from home. Currently, however, closed environments are the most frequent in the lives of most children.

It is important to know the many benefits of these best outdoor activities so that we seriously intend to include them in the day-to-day life of our little ones.

Health benefits of outdoor games

Children who play more often in nature have a lower risk of falling ill . Some parents lock their children at home when the weather conditions are either cold or very hot to protect them. They create what I call ” bubble climates ” in which children perpetually live at 20 degrees, regardless of the season.

It is also proven that children who spend more time in nature are less prone to obesity . It is obvious that nature is a more than effective remedy against sedentary lifestyle.

Benefits of outdoor games for the mind

Children who spend more time outdoors have more positive thoughts . Therefore, they are more optimistic and in general, obtain greater personal and academic success. As a consequence they are happier children.

Surrounding yourself with nature promotes a more peaceful and harmonious attitude , making anger difficult. Consequently, spending a day outdoors can facilitate a better relationship between children and adults. Apart from that the enjoyment of free and unstructured time in the open air , makes the child have a greater sense of freedom , and finally, greater self-esteem.

Benefits of outdoor games for thinking

Outdoor play presents new challenges to children, thus improving their ability to solve problems, calculate risks and therefore improve self-esteem.

For example, imagine a girl building a sand castle that collapses when she turns the tower cube. The girl will think that she should add more water so that it sticks better. In this way, you will learn to make decisions to solve your problems.

Benefits of outdoor games for creativity

The creativity and imagination soar when children play in nature. Why? Because there are no set rules about what or how they should play. They can take a stick to turn it into swords, they can dig a hole to hide from a monster. And who has not made mud cakes? I confess that I spent half of my childhood cooking with earth and decorating with sticks, leaves, petals and small stones.

Benefits of outdoor games for social relationships

Being in nature means being more relaxed. As we have said before, it is more difficult to get angry and therefore improves relationships between adults and children. In the same way, it facilitates the connection with playmates so that children who play with other children in nature are more social. These best outdoor activities bring the kids together to play in harmony.

5 best outdoor activities

Sack race

Raise your hand who has never played this game! Not difficult? It is one of the most popular outdoor games for children. Prepare as many bags as players. A start and finish line will do the rest. Fun is guaranteed, you can even use pillowcases.


There is a version of this traditional game for children in every country in the world.  In India, it is called Stapu, Kith-Kith, Nondi (Tamil), and Thokkudu Billa (Telugu).

There are several ways to paint hopscotch on the ground. However, the most common is to paint it with chalk in the shape of squares. A square is painted with the number 1 inside it, and so on until the number three. When we get to 4, two boxes are painted, one next to the other with the number four and the other with the number five. Then we will place a square with the 6 and we will divide the line into two boxes with the seven and the eight. Then another floor with a square of nine, followed by ten. 

A small stone is thrown and must fall into the square. It has to be reached by jumping from square to square to the limp, then returning to the starting line. Only in double squares can both feet be supported. The operation will be repeated from number one to ten. The objective is to throw the stone until all the squares are completed. 

Rope play 

Those who have never played this game don’t know how enjoyable it can be. Suddenly, the team becomes one man, all to compete for victory. Sometimes it comes and other times it doesn’t. You have to form two teams and distribute them on each side of the rope. In the center a handkerchief is placed that must be made to coincide with a line. Coordination and team strength are the keys to winning the game. 

Garden twister

Red, blue, yellow, and green spray cans are all you need to make this outdoor set. The whole family will have fun with this idea that you can paint on your garden lawn. An entertainment that all ages can participate in and that will show your skill, flexibility, and balance.

Hide and Seek

You can play this wonderful and popular game anywhere – at home, in the yard, in the forest, or in the park. Before the start of the game, all participants in the game need to agree on the boundaries of the territory, beyond which no one can hide. The game begins when the driver is chosen, then the place where the game starts and where it will be necessary to ” tap ” is determined. The driver turns to the wall (corner, door, post), closes his eyes, and starts counting. And then usually counts up to 20. After that, the driver turns and says: One, two, three, four, five, I’m going to look! Ready or not, here I come!

The presenter’s task is to look for the one hiding, and having found it, returned and knock on the wall, near which he thought: Knock- Knock, I see Nancy, she is behind the tree.


As you can see, it’s so much to have fun with these best outdoors activities and there are many benefits of enjoying nature. I hope they encourage you to get out from under your blanket and take the kids outside. It is not necessary to leave the city to enjoy nature. In some cities there are parks with natural elements that will make you breathe fresh air during the days when there is school. On weekends, don’t hesitate: if you have to choose between a shopping center or open air, you should always win the latter.

Tell us your childhood experiences that you miss the most in the comments below and we will see who all can relate. I know it is a tough time now, but let us all stay motivated and pray for a bright upcoming time.

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