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Top 10 Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Party

Top 10 Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Party


Party! A single word that can instantly bring the most fantastic smile to your child’s face, especially when it is their birthday.

Gone are the days where you can simply call the kids from the neighbourhood, have some snacks and cake for your kids and their school friends and call it a birthday party. Now ideas for kid’s birthday party have a new definition now.

Don’t worry, we never said that it has to be expensive, but it should be smart and calm, and when we say trendy & cool, we mean it from the point of view of the kids, not just ours.

So without further delay, let us check out some smart and cool ideas for your kid’s birthday bash-

10 Birthday Ideas for Kids at Home

Activity 1- Plan for it together

One of our best tips for celebrating your child’s awesome birthday at home is to include the kid in as much planning and doing as possible with any of these activities. Let the kid feel that it is his or her day, and other than just demanding a good birthday party, he or she is making an effort to make it happen.

When you involve kids, it sparks and feeds their administration & management skills from an early age. Let us give you a hint – bake a cake together, and don’t forget to ask for their favourite flavour.

ideas for kid's birthday party | food for kids birthday party ideas

One of the first ideas for kid’s birthday party is to let the Birthday kid’s choice to do all the work for you including all the meals on their big day. “My daughter and I recently made mom breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. Our kid loved it. I’m guessing 95% of all kids would too. Perhaps I’ll try to make it a surprise, or that might prove to be too difficult, she likes to get up early with me. Either way, she’ll be picking what she wants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner”, said a parent.

For the birthday cake, it’s a “no brainer.” Let them choose the flavour and again unless they totally hate cooking, bake it together earlier in the week. Decorate it together according to the theme of the birthday. One last tip, I’ve discovered quite a few homemade ice cream recipes online that don’t require an ice cream maker. This might be a fun activity. After the ice cream is ready, most of the recipes lend themselves to adding toppings like gummy bears, sprinkles, and whip cream. Again, the more we give our birthday kid options, the more individualized and fun the day becomes.

Activity 2- Camping Out!

This is where you run that extra mile for your kid.

If you have a garden or a terrace, and if the weather is right, camp outside. Put up a tent, bring out the sleeping bags, and the projector for an evening movie of their choice.

ideas for kid's birthday party | birthday decoration ideas

If you don’t have a backyard or the weather is too hot and humid, camp indoors! You can still put up a tent, unroll the sleeping bags, blow up an air mattress, whatever it takes, whatever gets the kid excited.

There are plenty of card and board games that you can enjoy with your kids, and there isn’t much of an effort you need to put into finding the right ideas for kid’s birthday party. A small gesture of love and bonding will get your kids going; you can dim the light around the house, play stories, or can turn your living space into a small movie theatre and enjoy some good scary movies with your kids.

Apply some of those birthday decoration ideas around the house and see what you can create for your kids and friends.

Activity 3—We’re Going on a Scavenger Hunt

While the camping trip might not be the best birthday activity surprise, it’s one of those activities that are fun to plan together. The scavenger hunt is a great activity that you can prepare in secret and could be one of the best kid’s birthday party ideas of all time.

Imagine the surprised face of your children and their school friends when they see it, wins you the trophy of best and coolest parents of all time.

Ideas for kid's birthday party | quarantine birthday ideas for kids

We have written two blogs on the quintessential scavenger-treasure hunt, Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids, and 7 Tips to Help You Plan a Scavenger Hunt for the Kids. Like camping out, depending on the birthday kid’s age, doing a scavenger hunt that a loved one put together can be anything else but fun. And remember, after the kiddo has completed a scavenger hunt or two, they’ll be more than ready to plan a scavenger hunt for you too. Check out the blogs for tips and ideas.

Activity 4- A Board Game Or Card Game Tournament

In recent times when the world is suffering through a pandemic, and in situations like lockdown, you don’t want your kids to be depressed about not having the birthday party.

You may invite your kid’s close friends and throw a board game tournament at home along with some good snacks to go by. We are sure that this could be one of the smartest quarantine birthday ideas for kids.

  • Ludo, this one is getting popular each day.
  • Snakes and Ladders, you just need to flip the board.
  • Scrabble
  • Chinese checkers
  • Business board game

ideas for kid's birthday party | parties for kids

Also, it goes without saying to follow the rules concerning social distancing, wearing masks, and staying close to home. For this and other activities, you can also possibly reach out to neighbors to borrow other board games your family might enjoy. Again, take all the necessary precautions.

And who said it has to be board games only. Some of the other games can be played at two different locations. For example, schedule a Zoom-FaceTime call. They can hang out and play against each other. A few other examples of games you can play over Zoom-FaceTime include:

  • Antakshari, always gets you going.
  • Dumb charades
  • Card games and whatnot.

Activity 5- A Big Lavish Feast

We believe that we all are foodies of some kind, and nevertheless, it’s almost impossible to say no to good food.

Kids love food; whether it be homemade, fast food, or a particular dish, every kid loves a sound bite. And you know what you have to do for it. Just organize a family dinner, start with some birthday decoration at home, call out all the relatives and friends.

Not only is this a good kid’s birthday party idea at home, but it also can be a good reason for a small get-together for all of your loved ones. Don’t hassle over what you need to prepare for them to ask for food for kids’ birthday party ideas and see if they pick a suggestion.

Activity 6- A Birthday Movie Marathon!

Again, here’s the thing with any of these tips. It’s the little things you can add to make the experience more memorable. This might be one of the most exciting quarantine birthday ideas for kids.

ideas for kid's birthday party  | parties for kids

  • First, check out Netflix’s Party option. Netflix can synchronize the playback, anyone can pause the movie, there’s even a group chat so you can chat about the film while you watch it.
  • Take the movie marathon outside. There’s nothing better than a backyard movie night if you have space, a projector, and a sheet.
  • Create a menu of food options for the birthday kid. Include their favourite junk food. Come on, mom and dad, it’s their birthday, and they can’t go anywhere! Or have a surprise snack box of all their favourite treats ready to be consumed. If you are worried, try googling food for kid’s birthday party ideas and start preparing it.
  • Bring out the pillows, blankets, and turn off the lights for a birthday-movie-cuddle evening.

Who knew a good movie can be such a kids birthday party ideas!

Activity 7- Play Games Online with Friends

If your kid is a gamer, then you don’t even have to ask. It’s a big yes from your kid already! Just set up a room for them and their friends, and that’s it.

Three of the games that lend themselves well to playing online with friends include Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Across all the major platforms like Xbox, Nintendo Switch and 3DS, and PlayStation, for example, playing with friends or other players is a standard feature. You can join these parties for kids with their friends and strengthen the bond of love and care.

In lockdown situations, these are some excellent birthday ideas while maintaining social distancing.

Activity 8- Splurge on a fun family activity. 

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re going to be in this for the long haul. So, if you’re financially able to indulge in a little splurge, consider buying a gift that keeps on giving. Splurge on some fun soccer bubbles and play a family game as a birthday celebration (and throughout the stay-at-home order).

Consider this your excuse to invest in that summer slip n’ slide a little early this year. Or, for older kids, consider a slackline, then challenge the fam to make it across the line before stay-home order ends.

Activity 9: Quarantined Themed Party (best idea for kid’s birthday party)

Why not turn your kid’s birthday party into a fancy dress theme party? All kids love superheroes. Ask your kid which superhero he/she to be this year?

Ironman? Superman? Even better, Thor.

If it’s your little daughter’s birthday, then the party for kids could be a fairy-themed one, and you can dress your little princess like an angel. There are great birthday decoration ideas to look from and start orating the house just like you want it or as per your birthday party’s theme, colour, and vision.

When it comes to parties for kids, there is actually no limit to your creativity. All you need is that extra effort to make that day memorable for your little loved ones.

Activity 10- Keep it simple 

Small family? Only child? Single parent? Working parents? Keep it super simple. Turn off the electronics, a little bit of birthday decoration at home, gather around the table for dinner, sing “Happy Birthday,” gift a homemade card or present. Just be together.

This one never gets old.

If you ask for our advice, we would highly recommend you as we find it the best quarantine birthday idea for kids.


Take solace in the simple things right now. Sit back and see your kid. Realize how much has changed since their last birthday. See their habits, their mannerisms, the way they talk. Take this time during social distancing to reconnect with your kids.

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