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7 Ways to Combat Boredom in School

7 Ways to Combat Boredom in School


How many times have you been bored in school? Whether it’s during a class, waiting for the teacher to come back from lunch, or even just when you’re sitting at your desk doing homework, boredom can be a major problem. In this blog post, we are going to explore seven different ways that students can combat boredom in school. These ideas are so simple and easy that they might seem like no-brainers! But first, let us explain to you what is called “boredom in school.”

What Is Boredom in School?

Boredom in school is when you’re not interested or motivated to do the task at hand. It can in turn cause depression and anxiety, as well as emotional issues with social skills. How to combat? Well, it can be combated by trying new things that are out of your comfort zone or reading a book that you would usually love to read.

Why Should Boredom in School Be Addressed?

Discussions between teachers and students concerning their mutual responsibility for minimizing boredom in the classroom and encouraging teachers to be receptive to students’ feedback concerning the identification and modification of boring activities are beneficial. By addressing the issue of boredom rather than ignoring it, teachers and students can work together to reduce this harmful emotion and, in turn, facilitate academic motivation and achievement. However, there are also a few reasons why combating boredom in school becomes essential:

– boredom leads to a decrease in attendance

– boredom causes behavioral problems

– boredom can lead to an increase in anxiety and depression

-boredom intensifies stress levels for students, which may cause physical health issues like headaches, stomach aches, or even insomnia.

Ways to Combat Boredom in School

Through Creative Thinking

Illustration of light bulb ideas

One way students can combat boredom in school is through creative thinking. Brainstorming and writing down ideas, for example, are great ways to get the mind working again if it feels like it’s starting to lag behind. This idea could also be implemented by taking turns with other classmates who may have an idea they’d like to present in front of the class.

Encourage Open Discussion

Another way to combat boredom in school is by encouraging open discussion with classmates and teachers about ways that boredom can be overcome. No one wants to feel like they’re just sitting around being bored for their entire day, so it’s important not only to provide solutions but also to generate new ideas on how boredom could be fought back.

Bring Some Fun and Excitement


The third way to combat boredom in school is to find ways to bring some excitement into the day. For example, students can get up and dance during a lecture that is not interactive or engaging. They could also encourage others in their class with boredom problems by having impromptu games like “Simon Says,” which are always fun and will help break boredom for all those involved.

Allow Them to Move at Their Own Pace

Students should be allowed to move at their own pace. Jumping on with topics in the classroom will create boredom because the lessons being taught might go over their heads and they might miss the plot. Students can also find out in advance what they will be doing for their classes. If the boredom problem is caused by a lack of understanding, then this plan might help eliminate boredom.

Make Busy Work Fun and Amazing

The fourth way is to find ways to make busy work more interesting. Educators can break up the monotony by assigning new tasks or allowing students to choose their own assignments for a change of pace.

Never Stop Asking Questions


Finally, students should never stop asking questions about topics that they do not understand. When teachers see frustration or boredom on any student’s face, it could be an indication of boredom or frustration. It’s important for students to be engaged with their own education so that boredom can be avoided as much as possible!

Break In-Between Two Subjects

Students should be allowed time in between subjects so that they have an opportunity to refresh their minds and just get ready for another school subject. Differentiation, in the form of homework or group work, can also help to combat boredom. Boredom is inevitable for students at school, but with these five tips, boredom will be combated and learning gains will increase! Teachers should integrate new tasks into their lesson plans so that boredom isn’t always a part of the day.


One impediment to enacting these tips may be how schools are organized and how teachers are evaluated. Barriers to school and system change can keep students “boring” in schools. In the face of obstacles, how are you, as a teacher or parent, helping to combat boredom? Is some boredom OK? What best practices exist to create engagement? Let us know here! We are all ears to you and would love to hear from you.

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