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Helping Your Child Cope With School Transitions


Mautushi Paul





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It is that time of the year again when everything is about excitement and fun. Come rain or sunshine; your little munchkins are raring to go and want to play with their friends. With red ribbons and blue shirts, they seek out ways to enjoy themselves. Everything seems hunky-dory until you realise your child seems a little aloof. What could it be? Could it be the bullying in schools? You hear the basketball bounce, and suddenly a tear trickles down his cheek… something must be wrong.

The effect of school transition on kids

What challenges can your little one face during school transitions?

You soon realise he is facing challenges with fitting in. His fellow bambinos were playing, and he was asked not to participate in the game. Crikey! But every child goes through some sort of bullying in schools. You figure out ways he can either avoid or face the context. You talk to other parents, and they assure you everything is in its right place – their kids were telling them how they were also told not to be a part of the game! “A teacher told my child not to play basketball,” says one of them. “Not any of his classmates.”

That is just bad teacherly practice and can be considered bullying in schools. At Orchids, we have changed the rules of the game.

How parents can help their children during school transition

How can you help your kid with bullying in schools during school transition?

Every child faces a situation different from one another. One has to prise it to determine why one’s child is upset. Coping with school transitions is a given. There is peer pressure, a new environment, and a general sense of low self-esteem or confidence may come up if a child is put to a task too quickly. Kids do like taking breaks from studying. This is since they see games and activities as more attractive than reading and writing. One needs to understand this before one undertakes the task of figuring out why a child’s mental equilibrium seems askew and why she could find school difficult.

How bullying affects children

How do Orchids have the edge over others in helping kids with bullying in schools?

At Orchids, our teachers are equipped with the necessary training to help children cope with a new set-up. “Children pushed into reading and writing speedily may compromise their co-curricular abilities. A balance has to be set before they are introduced to various subjects. Timely breaks are a must, but more importantly, good teaching is primary,” says one of our teachers. The need to take time while striking a balance between hardcore subjects and play is crucial. Even more so, young kids are sensitive, fresh and hungry for knowledge. We are against bullying in schools and do everything to protect our children from it.

How to stop bullying in school


Entering a new world as an adult is also a daunting task. It is similar to a greenhorn being asked to write an essay sans being trained in writing habits. Life skills are picked up slowly, and teachers at Orchids carefully monitor students‘ progress the moment they step into school. Like a tabula rasa, they imprint their minds gently and carefully to make headway in the learning journey. Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured.” Exactly!

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