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A-Z of Career Guidance for Students


Samadrita Chakraborty





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Table of Contents

  1. What is Career Guidance?
  2. What Are the Benefits of Career Guidance?
  3. How to Give Career Guidance to Students?

Suppose you are in a foreign country and do not know anything. You will need localities’ guidance for even the simplest direction. Similarly, your child needs a guide for their career and foolproof planning. Many people will come and advise them, saying, “Been there, done that.” But, if they start accepting everyone’s suggestions, it will not lead them to a specific path. You have to take advice from an expert. Career counsellors in India, plan thorough career guidance for students to help them with their plans. Some premium schools like Orchids The International School appoint career counsellors to guide children on the right path from a tender age.

What is Career Guidance?

Career Guidance

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are; it is our choices,” Dumbledore said this to Harry Potter when Harry was confused about his identity. Every child needs this push, a person to show what they are truly capable of. None but a career guide can guide them through that path. Guidance means a journey where people decide to make informed and mature decisions. 

Similarly, career guidance helps children gather knowledge, skills, and experience. These are necessary elements to make that ‘choice’. Thus, they can streamline their path and work hard for it. This career choice leads to their financial, social, and mental well-being. The importance of career guidance for school students in India has been on the back foot till the last decade. People were more into IIT or Medical. Nowadays, careers in different fields are also flourishing. Therefore, parents have shifted their focus from these two fixed points and encouraged their children to expand their learning horizons.

What Are the Benefits of Career Guidance?

Though there are multiple benefits, I will mention some specific ones because not wasting time is the first step to starting a bright career. People could not imagine the importance of computers until they had one. Similarly, you will only understand the importance of career guidance for students once you go for one.

Determine Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone has some abilities and boundaries. We are initially taken aback when we recognise our weaknesses. But, we must know the opposites to identify the capabilities. A career guide talks about both openly and does not make you feel inferior. Instead, this early recognition helps students know their strong zone and which field they still have to work on. 

Bid Adieu to Confusion 

Career guidance tips from the experts help students eradicate many confusions. Career counselling helps especially students from grade 8. They can prepare themselves for streams that will suit them. Also, they get enough time and information about their subjects of interest. 

Set Objectives for Greater Results

As the old proverb says, “You reach well when you start early.” Children prepare themselves for long-term goals when they know their ultimate destination. If they understand the value of the position that they will be in the future, they do not need a push from their parents either. 

Support & Motivation

Support and Motivate

Future planning is all about motivation and building support. Children understand their value once they know their career path. Many parents have asserted that their children have become very conscious about their mental and physical health after career guidance in schools. They have started understanding that they must stay healthy to have a promising career.

Confident about Themselves

Knowing abilities and boundaries enhance children’s confidence, so they discover a new self daily. They start to ponder upon subjects they need to take more interest in. Also, they begin helping their classmates with their valuable input. Other children accept them wholeheartedly. 

Easier Job Searching Process

After schooling and completing their education, children often need clarification before they start job hunting. Most of the timAfter schooling and completing their education, children often need clarification before they start job hunting. Most of the time, they must be aware of the starting point. So they stay aware of their job role. Career counselling allows them to be sure of their career path

How to Give Career Guidance to Students?

Career Guidance to Students

Giving career guidance is not a layman’s job. One has to have proper knowledge and experience in this genre. Especially career guidance after 10th and 12th must follow a specific path. Some guidance steps every expert follow are:

Build Awareness about Multiple Career Choices 

The experts let children know about different career options first. Nowadays, the dimensions of a career are changing rapidly. Like earlier, children do not focus on particular two to three options. So, the more they explore, the more they develop a chance to go the right way. 

Using Psychometric Tests for Analysing the Strength 

Well-prepared psychometric tests are excellent tools for counsellors to know the strength and boundaries of the students. Relevant questions of this metric unfold students’ perceptions about themselves and the real world.

Charting Out Possible Career Options

Though most experts avoid this stage as it is to jump directly to a conclusion, charting out the career options helps sometimes. It shows what students take an interest in the most.

Mentioning Some Training Programmes Relevant to Their Career Option

Upskilling before entering a domain is always wise. It helps one stay ahead of everyone in the industry. So, the experts prefer mentioning some of the training programmes relevant to the career options one chooses. 

Career counselling clarifies many perceptions before entering a vital part of children’s life. Knowing real-life situations is more than necessary. Career guidance builds your children for both opportunities and challenges. Career guidance for students is crucial before they go to high school and embrace a world of possibilities.

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