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How Does Choosing A School Impact Your Child Future Career Opportunities?


Swastika Jana


Parents Corner




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Modern Career Opportunities For Kids

Do you know why it’s a common practice to thank your parents when you receive an award or become successful in life? That’s because parental support is the most vital thing that affects an individual’s life trajectory. But are modern parents supportive enough when it comes to their children’s career choices?

Former Cricketer Rahul Dravid thinks so.

thoughts on career opportunities

“I think one of the really nice things to see nowadays is how parents are willing to explore more avenues for their children in terms of careers. I think they are recognizing that their children are unique; their children have different passions and dreams. And how much they are willing to support and encourage their children to pursue their passions, pursue their true interests.”

Even a few years ago, if you asked what career opportunities paved the way for a successful future, most parents would say doctor, engineer, or a lawyer in a heartbeat. These fields were regarded as respectable and high-income careers for a long time. So no wonder that our parents, who always wanted the best for us, pushed us to pursue one of them. 

Although there were always exceptions to these three were the primary future career choices of all Indian parents. From cricketer Rahul Dravid to activist Medha Patkar, many pioneers in their field have shown that passion and hard work is the true essence towards becoming who you want to be. 

Modern Career Opportunities For Kids


Through pioneers and visionaries like them,  the mindset is slowly but surely changing in modern society. 

According to Upgrad, The top careers in 2021 are Data Science, Digital Marketing and Product Management.

This change is also partly due to the sudden expansions of new careers that were not there a few decades ago. The rise of streaming channels, music services, and Youtube has changed the way people look at jobs. No longer does one have to sit behind a desk to make money. Instead, there has been the rise of making your passion your profession. If we talk about careers of the future, the avenues will expand even further as more new technology and platforms continue to get invented.

How Parents Influence Their Child Career Opportunities

School influences children's future career opportunities


So what can we, as parents, do to make sure our kids are ready for the career choices they will make in the future? 

“Today we are not relying only on the more traditional roots of career like engineer or doctor, and I think there are so many more unique job opportunities and many more unique ways in which boys and girls can develop their talents-” – Mr. Rahul Dravid further added.

Due to the rapidly changing modern society, there is no guarantee that the demand for one job will remain the same for 10 or even 20 years. Thus, the best thing we can do to support our kids is to provide them with a strong foundation they can use to build any future they want for themselves. And nothing builds a foundation and nurtures the talent of an individual as much as a school. 

How School Impacts A Child Career Opportunities

How School Impacts A Child’s Career Opportunities


A school is often called a home away from home, and rightly so. It’s the place a child spends his formative and developing years. However, a school isn’t meant to provide just education and career opportunities, but also wisdom, responsibility, patience, kindness, and everything else needed to become a good human being.

A school acts as a springboard that propels a child to various career opportunities. Excelling in a field and being successful isn’t just dependent on being good at studies. A child must have patience, determination, humility, and perseverance if he wants to become the best in what he does. This is where a school comes in. A good school will instill all qualities necessary in a future leader into your child and guide him towards their goal. 

Below are few ways in which a school impacts the career opportunities for your child:


A school provides a kid with the foundation of a career- education. No matter what a child wants to be as an adult, there are certain things that he needs to learn, from alphabets and numbers in preschool to a quadratic equation in 12th class. A school provides kids knowledge regarding their own culture, history, geography. It teaches them how things happen in scientific terms, how to solve complex mathematical equations, write a resume and letter, and even art and craft.

When a kid graduates from school and enters higher education or a profession, it’s the knowledge he learned throughout the 12 years of his life that helps him. 


Teamwork and communication are vital no matter which career field you want to be in. Interested in becoming an artist? You need to communicate to an audience. Want to become a cricketer? You need to maintain team spirit within your team. An individual who knows how to work with people and maintain good relationships is bound to succeed no matter his profession.

Responsibility and leadership skills

A school provides numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility. From organizing fests to being the class monitor, all students are given roles that carry weight in a school. In addition, activities like festivals are great avenues for kids to shed their fear of being in front of an audience. 

Social skills

chools, particularly International ones, are a melting pot of various cultures. It exposes kids to people who are vastly different from themselves and widens their worldview. Kids learn new traditions and customs from each other and shed their prejudices through regular interactions. International schools mold kids into being exceptionally considerate global citizens of the future.

To sum it up, choosing the right school for your child is a thing of utmost importance. It is also the best gift we parents can give to our children. Careers and jobs will continue to change according to modern technology and inventions. And there is not a lot we can do about it.

But we can do is making sure our kids get the best education. Education that develops their unique talent so they can adapt to any situation society throws at them. And not just for career opportunities. The right school ensures that the values we are raising our kids with are also reflected in their education. 

Please reach out to our team of dedicated counselors for more information regarding how Orchids International school ensures holistic development in kids. 

Thank you! Happy parenting !

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