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Celebrating a Child’s Success: Why It Matters




Parents Corner




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Parents want to do what’s best for their children. That means making sure they’re safe, healthy, and happy. As parents, everyone will be proud when their child faces obstacles and overcome them with a victory. Big or small, such small achievements show how the child has been growing. This is why celebrating those moments of success is essential in a child’s life.

Studies have shown that when parents celebrate a child’s success, the child is more likely to succeed in other aspects of life. Celebrations make the child feel special, whether it is by lots of hugs, high fives, or whatever else they’d like to do. Most importantly teaches them how significant such accomplishments are.

This blog post will explore why we should celebrate your child’s success and why this habit must always be followed.

What’s in It for a Child When Their Victories Are Celebrated?

Aside from feeling good about themselves, there are several benefits to celebrating children’s accomplishments. When a child feels reassured and supported by people who care for them, it will lead them to continue working hard towards their goals, which will improve their overall performance. 

The Child in You!

6 Ways How Celebrating Victories Can Affect Your Child’s Psychology

Here are 6 ways how it will affect your child’s psychology.

1. Your Child’s Self-Esteem Will Increase

Success is essential to a child’s self-esteem. When a child’s success is celebrated, it will become something that happens naturally. They won’t start developing negative feelings about themselves and instead focus on celebrating their accomplishments.

2. Good Habits Develop

When you celebrate your child’s success, it will lead to good habits in children. The reason behind this development is that they know when they do such good deeds, they’ll be appreciated. No child will dislike such appreciation! They’ll want to keep doing what feels good, which will lead them on a path to success.

3. Your Child Will Inspire Others

When your child receives praise for their accomplishments, it will lead to them inspiring others. They’ll enjoy the feeling of being a role model, and then they’ll want to continue making such good decisions in their life. It’s essential that we not just focus on our children but also compliment another child. In this way, you’ll be your child’s role model.

4. Your Child Will Grow Optimistic

Psychologists say that when children feel appreciated and have someone who will be proud of them, it leads to an optimistic outlook on life. They’ll know what is essential in their lives and then live with a positive attitude. It’s not just about the appreciation from you as parents but also other people in your child’s life such as teachers, relatives, etc.

5. Their Adulthood Will Be Successful

When a child feels loved and appreciated, they’ll likely have success in their adult life. They will be more confident in themselves and also know the importance of hard work.

6. Your Child Will Figure Their Aim in Life

When your child’s success is celebrated, it can lead them to find which field they’re good at. For example, if your child often gets good grades in science, they’ll soon figure their future career can be something based on science. They’ll constantly work hard in that particular activity.

How to Celebrate Your Child’s Success?

The most important thing is to let your child know that they have been a success. You can do this by telling them how proud you are of their achievements and what makes them unique from other children.

Reward Them

When your child achieves something, reward them right away. Make sure you express how proud you are of them and share in their happiness.

Treat Them to an Excellent Homemade Meal

Nothing’s yummier than a dinner or lunch made with love. It’s a great way to show your child that you’re genuinely happy about their hard work.

Post About It on Social Media

Share your child’s success with the world. Social media is a great way to show off your kid and get recognition for their hard work.

Share It with Your Neighbors

Share your child’s success with people in your local community or other parents from school. Talk to mothers and fathers about how proud you are of them, but don’t make the other parents uncomfortable.

Why should you celebrate and not brag about your child’s success?

When you celebrate, you talk about their celebration. But when you brag, you usually make it look like you’re the reason why they won. The following points can figure out celebration vs bragging.

  • Find ways to talk about the experience and not just what they did. If your child is a sports player, don’t only celebrate when they score but also when they’re in control of their game or even on defence.
  • Be sure that you set an example by being humble as well. It would help if you never talked about your child’s success in front of struggling parents.
  • Please don’t talk about how you were a part of their success. Everyone knows that your support was there. It will make your child’s hard work not valid.
  • Do not dominate when another parent is talking about their child’s success. Even if your child has scored higher than theirs, let them complete their conversation. If you dominate, your child will feel awkward.
  • If you were a basketball champion back in time and now your child has made a similar achievement, do not compare yourself with them. It will be like your child’s success wasn’t through effort but because of genes. 
  • Encourage your child to celebrate themselves and what they have done. If you don’t, it will feel like no one is proud of them or their work.
  • If your child doesn’t like big party celebrations, do not do it. There is no point in it if you pressure them to join a festival meant for them when they dislike it.
  • When your child is talking about their victory, don’t praise them without listening to them fully. It won’t sound genuine.
  • Never compare your child to their sibling because of the success. Neither of them will feel happy about it.
  • Do not make them feel like you’ll appreciate only if they win henceforth. Let them know that they can do things at their own pace.

Final Thoughts

The child is the future of our society, and their every accomplishment is essential and will help shape the course of their future life. The more we can encourage them to be their best, the better off they will be and everyone around them. That’s why it matters when you make a point to celebrate your child’s success–especially if it’s small.

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