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A Brief Guide for Choosing The Right School For Your Child

A Brief Guide for Choosing The Right School For Your Child

One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is deciding which school for them to enrol in. Every year almost every parent asks this question of what is the best way of choosing the right school for my child. Making the right decision could put them on a path toward lifelong learning, prestigious college education, and a successful career.

Choosing the right school for your child is a process that every parent goes through in their lives, not just or the name or the facilities, choosing the right school constitutes many elements and should tick box every al the things to consider when choosing a school. The right school for a child is a school that teaches in a way that an individual child learns best.

One of the most important decisions we make as parents is deciding the right school for our children. Choose the right one and they’re on the path of enlightenment and self-sufficiency that brings out the best in them and lays the foundation for their future. Choose wrong, and then well, we all know. All kids are the same, yet so different. Choosing a school is a crucial part. Every child is a unique blend of his/her abilities, interests, and needs. And the concoction of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual beings of a child distinguish a child as an individual.

So when you decide to choose a school for your preschooler your focus should be on finding the right fit—an international school that could take care of his unique needs in a safe and nourishing environment

Teacher And Student Relationship

We strongly believe that in preschool the connection between a teacher and student is the key and comes before the curriculum. Young children are after all accustomed to being surrounded by affectionate people at home all the time. So when they begin to see the outer world and spend significant time at school, a teacher who’s compassionate and engages with them pathetically is certainly the right one.

Sometimes the bond of a boy with his teacher amazes me all the time. His attachment to his teacher says it all and I don’t need any further feedback. Choosing the right school for your child definitely mean that you appreciate the personal attention and care given to a child. And at Orchids International, we are grateful indeed to the teachers and staff faculty members for taking care of them so well and instilling the right values.

CBSE Curriculum And Learning Environment

What your child learns and how your child learns are the next important aspects of choosing a school and one of the key things to be considered when choosing a school.

Orchids International school has a carefully crafted and enriching curriculum for the little ones that ensure learning through a perfect blend of structured lessons as well as free play. Regular library visits inculcate reading habits at a young age as well as enhances reading skills.

Teaching methodologies and execution of curriculum are commendable too. We know how four years old immaculately repeats and explains whatever they learn at school.

Students are learning and that too without pressure, which is exactly what parents want. We highly encourage the ‘no standard tests and exams’ approach for preschoolers. Young minds need nurturing, not the burden of abrasive competition and stress. The credit for this undoubtedly goes to the academic team and the teachers.

Holistic Development

School education has undergone a revolution as we all know. As much as we value academics and discipline, we understand the significance of the emotional and social well being of our child. According to us, a school that focuses on the holistic development of a child through the right balance of academics and extracurricular activities should be the one to look for among all things to consider when choosing a school.

School Infrastructure

While choosing the right school for your child, you must keep in the mind the infrastructure of the school.

Orchids Schools’ campuses are facilitated by the world-class infrastructure for academic and co-curricular activities. They are aesthetically and ergonomically designed classrooms make learning easier by removing physical hindrances and ensure that students are focused on learning.

Equipped with modern infrastructures like Digi-boards, Science Lab, Robotics Lab. International Schools like Orchids International Schools enable every child to explore new ideas and learn through hands-on experiences. The campuses also offer facilities like swimming pools, skating rinks and play areas that extend learning beyond classrooms.

Location and Timing

The location of the school matters a lot. While choosing the right school for your child, it shouldn’t be very far. Moreover, it should be easily accessible.

Considering the safety of the students, the school will not (ideally) be situated near a highway. The pollution levels and noise would affect their learning. Your child should not have to spend a lot of time traveling to and from school.

Also, while looking into your desired international school in Bangalore, make sure that the school provides transport facilities. If you and your spouse are working, then check if the timing of the school matches your work timing.

Food & Nutrition Program by Schools

Every school has a different procedure for lunchtime. Some schools allow home-packed lunches, while others don’t. Check if the school you chose offers a balanced meal for your children. Some schools maintain a food diary in order to track the health progress of children.

So, while choosing the right school for your child, it will be a great experience with the all the students and their parents. You’ll be happy to know that your child goes to school and where you witness the growth and positive change in him and be glad in your heart that you were right about choosing the right school for your child.

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