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Top Ways You Can Help Your Child Be a Confident Learner

Top Ways You Can Help Your Child Be a Confident Learner


Confidence is a powerful tool that can help your child succeed in school and life. If you want to see your children grow up with an attitude of confidence, then there are things you can do as their parent. These tips will give them the tools they need to be confident learners who are able to explore their curiosity without fear of failure.

Who is a Confident Learner?

Confident learners are resilient and have a positive outlook on life. They recognize their strengths, yet they acknowledge their weaknesses in order to improve them.

They Take Risks That Help Them Grow as Individuals:

Confident learners know it’s ok to make mistakes or not be perfect all the time because they learn from those mistakes and keep on learning further. they never give up at any stage of their lives.

They Utilise Their Time into Work:

Confident learners understand that they have to put in the work, but know it will be worth it in the end because everything you do is a stepping stone towards success and happiness.

A Confident Learner Will Always Encourage Others to Do Their Best.

Confident learners are not always the smartest or best at everything, but they know how to keep a positive attitude and improve on what they don’t do well.

Believe in Self:

They believe in themselves when nobody else does. They never give up because of setbacks and challenges that come their way. Instead, they face them with zeal.

Self-Confidence Is Important

Talk about your successes, and share what you are good at. Share things that challenge or scare you so they know it is okay to be afraid of these feelings too.

Ask Questions: 

Asking questions when something new comes up gives them a sense of powerlessness over the situation. The same feeling we all have when we are asked or enquired about something.

Talk About Mistakes:

Mistakes are not always a bad thing, they teach us things we never knew before and give us valuable experience in the process. Be confident with your child when they make a mistake so that it does not feel like such an uncomfortable situation for them to be in.

Never Get Angry About the Mistakes:

Especially, when the mistake has happened for the first time. We all make mistakes and it is important for them to know that even when they do, we love them.

Start Conversations: 

start a conversation about what the child learned recently or something you are both interested in. Conversations require confident people on both sides of the table so encourage your children to be confident as well

Tell Stories: 

Tell interesting stories about brave and courageous people. Share stories of people who overcame adversity and achieve their goals

Use Confident Language: 

Use confident language in the house, for example, “I am proud of you.”

Encourage Them to Try New Things:

encourage your child or children to try something that they might not be confident about doing at first then fill them with praise when they do something worth it.

Give Space for Them to Fail:

Don’t pressure your children to be confident and perfect at all times. Encourage them to make mistakes and learn from their failures.

Give Them the Space They Need:

Give your child or children the space they need for themselves, including physical distance if needed. You want a confident individual who is not living in fear of judgment

Help Them Follow Their Passion:

When your child is confident in what they’re doing, it can lead to them being confident about who they are.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change:

Don’t make your child’s life stagnant and mundane all the time. Be open with their choices and give them a chance to experience new things

Encourage Independence:

Teach your children that they have control on their life. This will also force them to make decisions wisely and confidently.

Support Their Self-Worth:

Confident individuals don’t need to be told how they are good at something. They know it themselves and radiate positivity in everything they do.

Embrace Imperfection:

No one in the world is cent percent perfect. so your child will never be confident if you’re constantly correcting them.

These are just some of the things we can do to make our children confident learners!


There are a lot of things you can do to help your child be a confident learner. We’ve shared some tips that may work great for your family and we hope they give you new ideas on how to provide the best environment possible for learning in your home or classroom. Whether it’s understanding what motivates them, reducing anxiety, getting rid of perfectionism, teaching emotional intelligence skills, or using positive reinforcement – these strategies will have an impact on their confidence levels as learners. Take time today to think about whether any of these suggestions might apply to your situation with your kids at school or at home and try implementing one thing this week! Let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you too!

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