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8 Tips To Help Your Child Crack The First School Interview

8 Tips To Help Your Child Crack The First School Interview


It’s a fact that parents struggle a lot to help their toddlers cross the hurdle of the first interview. By now, we all are aware of the mad rush that occurs for putting children in the best school to get the right education where the interviews are conducted from pre-nursery, pre-primary levels to secondary, for both the child and the parents. Getting the child acquainted with the atmosphere to prepare him to perform as per the school’s norms is indeed a tiresome journey. So frayed nerves and increased heart rates are normal reactions before an interview, especially for young parents! Your child is somewhere between 3 and 10 years old, and he is due for an interview.  So what do you do? How do you prepare? It’s very normal to have many unanswered questions or feelings of nervousness. But dear parents, stay calm and stay cool!

For we are here to share with you some of the useful tips to help your child crack through this nerve-wracking experience of the first school interview. These tips are simple enough to help you and your little one sail through the big day as smoothly as possible. But before we get down into the details, we all have to remember that a child is just a “child.” No matter how much we want our kid to get admitted to a renowned preschool/school, we should not forget that our little geniuses are simply awesome no matter how they fare at the interview! All they want is- a big hug from us before and after the big day. 

Tips to help children crack the first school interview

The thought that your little tots will start going to school for the first time- is indeed nerve-wracking for all the parents. And as parents, we always get excited for this new chapter to begin in our life. But to help children prepare for their first school interview, parents need to remember a few crucial things. 

1. Provide a briefing 

Brief your little one about starting school or going to a new grade, or moving to a new school. Why is it done? What does it involve? If possible, you can visit the institute beforehand with your child, take a casual tour, let him feel comfortable and not intimidated by a big step like this. In simple words, explain to him why the school authority would ask him to be part of certain group activities. Be as straightforward as possible while emphasizing the significance of this interview.   

2. Brush the basics

Regardless of whether the school experts especially specify about questioning shape colors during admission, it is expected that every child knows them. Parents can begin with the name of their respective schools, themselves and their profession, residence, nation, and so forth. Likewise, they can catch up on different basics, such as color alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, shapes, flowers, the country’s national anthem, and so forth. Apart from these, as a parent, you can familiarize your child with the interview/test environment by conducting mock tests at home. What if they falter? No worries! We have the solution ready! You can always approach performance coaches; they will surely help your child prepare and crack for the first school interview. They can even provide your child with board school interview questions and primary school interview questions, etc.

Additionally, it’s also advised to keep it low and not to empower the ambiance with your perfume or a Gucci bag. Just Chill and stay positive.

3. Thorough research is a must.

Doing thorough research about the school is a must. After all, that’s the school in which you want your child to be admitted into. We all know that every school is very specific about what they expect from their future tots. To remain on the safer side, try to inquire and jot those down that will be asked during the interview and written tests. If you are done with these two major things, you are good to go! You can get in touch with the kids’ parents who are already studying in the same school and get hands-on advice from them. This is how you and your child can stay positive and confident before the big day.

4. Building rapport with children works great: 

According to many psychoanalysts, a child goes through various stages of psychological transformation. At the age of 0-2 years, children are about hope and trust. So why not help them develop trust in them? This way, they will be able to build self-confidence. You should develop a good open relationship with your child so that he/she feels that he can trust you.

5. Play smart

This will help your child crack the first school interview. The authorities will judge your child’s communication, interaction, motor, cognitive and academic skills. So, we suggest it would be better if parents work more on identifying their child’s shortcomings- be it speech, body language, attention, handwriting, anything. Puzzle-solving is another great way to hone kids’ dexterity and problem-solving skills.

6. Dress comfortable

They say the first impression is the best impression. So the best way to impress the management is to help your kid dress neatly and oil and comb their hair properly. It is always suggested to avoid glittery and frilly dresses and to make them wear minimal accessories. 

7. Maintain social etiquette

Basic table manners, shaking hands with new people, saying hello to others, being polite, wishing Happy Birthday or Happy Diwali, and most important of all, maintaining a smile throughout are some of the basic skills every parent needs to teach their children. These are skills that matter in a school interview and are considered as valuable teaching for the rest of their childhood. Remember, kids, pick up etiquette quickly from their adults, so don’t you think we need to practice what we preach?

8. Keeping them happy -is the only motto.

No matter how much pressure you feel as a parent, make sure it does not hamper your child before the interview. Kids do get a vibe when their parents are upset or angry. So, please crack jokes, smile a lot, hug them often. This attitude will ultimately bring out their best in the interview. Because this is something your tot will already be used to and will not be putting up an act to impress the authorities.

Finally, Keep having short mock interviews with your child, which will give them the much-needed boost before the big day. We know the admission process is a big task for any of the parents for you want your tots to study in the best school possible. So help your little champ to face the interview with full confidence and ease!

The school education system is about standardizing education for our children. But for these champs, this can be quite overwhelming, especially if they are shy or reserved or are still catching up with peers in skills and knowledge. Young kids are impressionable, and we often overlook the fact that they get affected by stress too. So go easy and enjoy this process together as a team!

Here’s wishing you and your champ all the very best for the big day!

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