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Celebrating Earth Hour Day, Everyday!

Celebrating Earth Hour Day, Everyday!


Once in 365 days, a day arrives when all of us unite globally, just for an hour, to make things right. To make a promise not just to ourselves but to our common home. A promise, if kept dedicatedly, would bring in a fresh ray of hope for generations to come! That one hour of global unity and awareness is known as Earth Hour Day. 

Every year since 2015, on the last Saturday of the month of March, the world celebrates Earth Hour Day. This year, the date falls on 27th of March, 2021. An hour is dedicated solely to our planet Earth in order to generate awareness about climate change among the global community of humans. The date keeps changing every year but the time remains constant. It is celebrated from 8:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m following local time. 

world earth hours day

Why is Earth Hour Important to Celebrate ?

Despite knowing the multitude of issues faced by our planet Earth, we often tend to overlook them due to our heavily busy lives. Therefore, by organizing such an event as Earth Hour Day once a year, for a matter of sixty minutes, helps people realise the importance of spreading awareness about climate change. Switching off the lights in our homes and streets, turning off all electrical appliances in houses and offices, etc. are the activities carried out on Earth Hour Day for an hour on a global level. According to the Earth Hour Organization, “the earth hour is more than just an hour for the planet, it is a movement for our future.”  The world joining hands and spreading awareness for a global issue like this is undoubtedly a remarkable step towards a brighter future. 

Participation of Kids in Earth Hour Day

Children are on a path of learning various skills and gaining knowledge which would ultimately make them a sound and informed citizen of the global village. And so, including them in such an event, which would help them become aware of the intensity of climate change and its subsequent impact on our planet, is a natural opportunity for them to learn and grow. Not just that, it will also allow them to think of ways to improve the current situation and volunteer themselves to chalk out an action plan to make the world a better place. 

it's time to save the earth

Although Earth Hour Day is celebrated for 60 minutes once in a year, it does not have to stay that way, especially not for our little global leaders. With the right mindset and dedication, you and your kids can celebrate and spread awareness about climate change everyday with little acts in life. 

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour Day Everyday

Let’s take a look at how you can celebrate Earth Hour Day, everyday!

  1. Reducing carbon emissions – As you walk ahead in life, you are bound to leave your mark behind. But make sure that these marks are not carbon footprints created by you. Encourage yourself and your kids to use bicycles and public transportation instead of individual vehicles. Metropolitan cities have a huge role to play in increasing the carbon footprints generated by a large amount of people. Encouraging young kids to reduce carbon emissions in the environment will help them shape this responsibility into a habit in the coming years.
  2. Turn it off when not in use – Forgetting to turn off lights, fans and other electrical appliances when not in use, is very common in every household. Being mindful about the usage of electricity will not only protect the environment but will also help your heavy bills take a back seat. A total win-win situation!
save our planet earth
  1. Make the sustainable switch – Opt for LED bulbs and tubelights which are a big save on the environment! Moreover, if you’re a keeper, install solar panels on your roof or lawn to obtain a natural source of energy from the Sun. 
  2. Cut down paper, not trees – Little things like printing on both sides of the paper, reusing old newspapers and using cloth and jute bags instead of paper bags, have a big and positive impact on nature. Plant more trees and generate less waste. 
  3. Say no to plastic – One of the biggest threats to our planet is the dumping of plastic. Carry a cloth bag along with you each time to step out to buy something, reuse plastic bottles, recycle and turn plastic containers and jars into something new and useful! Small efforts create big impacts.
say no to plastics


“We have a single mission, to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation.” – François Hollande.

reduce, reuse, recycle

While Elon Musk is preparing to build a planet B on Mars, we still have a long life to live in our first home. Earth Hour Day may come once a year, but you can have one of your own every day! India is one of the top 5 countries in the world to generate the maximum amount of carbon emissions. We might not be able to undo our past, but with our collective efforts, we can create a new future.

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