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The Perfect Easter Recipe- Easter Eggs and Bunnies!

The Perfect Easter Recipe- Easter Eggs and Bunnies!


easter sunday eggs

Thousands of people celebrate the festival of Easter Sunday across the world. It is also the end of the 40 days of austerity, fasting, and penance. But do you know, Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Christ on Day 3, and children look forward to the chocolate eggs and the Easter egg hunt? Yes, you heard it right! So, where do the coloured eggs fit in? Well, decorating the eggs is one of the oldest Easter customs. There are various traditions involving the Easter Sunday eggs. And this very concept of Easter eggs comes from Pagan traditions. Plus getting your child to make them is the best idea ever because it is well known how art gets children rolling!

Why are Easter Sunday eggs used?

Easter eggs

The eggs are a symbol of fertility, renewal, and patience. But are associated with this festival for a practical reason. Earlier, the Christian church banned eggs and other food items such as meat, wine, etc., during Lent, which became a special dish to eat again on Easter. So as no one could eat eggs, they used to decorate and paint the eggs to mark the end of fasting.

Apart from celebrating this day with chocolate eggs and candies, this day is also celebrated with Easter bunnies! Wondering now what is that? Well, I am sure most of you haven’t yet heard about the Easter bunny story. So before I shower a surprise, let’s first know where did these easter bunnies come from?

Where did the Easter bunnies come from?

The Easter bunny is considered the symbol of this holiday. As most of us still keep wondering why the Easter bunny, then this is the story. Like Easter Sunday eggs, rabbits are also an ancient symbol of fertility and new life. 

But do bunnies lay eggs? Well, the German’s introduced their tradition of an egg-laying hare called ”Ocher Haws.” Soon the festival became a favourite among the kids as they made nests for the Easter bunny to lay the colourful and decorated eggs.

The tradition started spreading across the U.S., where children often left carrots for the rabbit if he got hungry from all the jumping around and enjoyed Easter egg hunt as a part of the festival.

Well, as today is Easter Sunday, we have left no stone unturned to surprise you with DIY homemade Easter Sunday eggs. Want to surprise your kids this Easter? Then this is it! 

DIY steps for Easter Sunday eggs:

  • Step 1:

Wash each half of your Easter Sunday egg mould with hot soapy water and a soft sponge. Let it dry. Use a ball of cotton wool to buff the inside of the mould. The better the shine on the mould, the better the chocolaty finish it will have.

  • Step 2:

try to melt it down and temper the white chocolate for the brush strokes

  • Step 3:

Colour half the melted white chocolate, if it’s vegan it’s been better because you are encouraging a more sustainable living, then brush graphic stripes of chocolate onto the moulds. Let each colour set before you add the next. Go over some stripes twice or thrice to make the colours pop out.

  • Step 4:

Line a baking sheet with parchment. Melt and temper the milk chocolate. Half-fill one mould with the chocolate, then tip it this way and that to completely cover the mould.

  • Step 5:

 Scrape a palette knife across the mould to clean up the excess colour. Repeat the same with the other half of the egg. Set the moulds on the lined sheet. Next, transfer to the fridge and leave to set for about 10 mins.

  • Step 6

When the chocolate is solid, flex the moulds to release gently. You will soon see the air slowly creepy its way between the plastic and the shiny, hard chocolate. Heat oven to 180C/160C 

  • Step 7

Heat a baking sheet in the oven. Pick up one side of the egg and carefully rub the egg’s flat edge on the tray to soften it a little.

  • Step 8

Hold the melted edges of the egg together for a few minutes until they stick. Wipe away any excess, and leave the egg to set in the fridge for a few mins more. Yahoo! The egg is now ready to give or wrap up for Easter. Finally, store in a cool place away from fluctuating temperatures.

To end with..

Toying with the idea of crafting your own Easter Sunday eggs? This year, roll up your sleeves, borrow some egg moulds and investigate just how easy making your own really is. Once you’ve made your chocolatey creation, show off your creativity by posting a picture of your easter eggs and bunnies in our comments section.

Have a Happy Easter Sunday and for the recipes, thank us later!

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