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Easy Ways to Understand Child Psychology and Development

Easy Ways to Understand Child Psychology and Development

“There is always a child inside a grown-up.” You must have listened to this famous quote. What a child learns today, reflects on the values of a grownup tomorrow. Child psychology is deeply connected with one’s overall growth and development. This is a vital branch of psychology that deals with children’s mental, emotional, and social development. 

Most parents do not understand the basics of child psychology. So, they fail to understand their children as well. Therefore, one should have a vivid perception of child psychology to become an ideal parent. Let us delve deeper into the concept to gather full-fledged knowledge. 

What is Child Psychology

The phrase, child psychology, is very self-explanatory. It deals with the process of a child’s holistic development; how they react differently to a similar situation in their growing age. Child psychologists have separated child development into three different areas to be precise about different kinds of growth:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Social/emotional

Physical and psychological developments have a knot with each other. As the child thrives physically, he faces hormonal changes. A body functions differently with the transformation of hormones. So, their behavioral changes are inevitable. 

Child development psychology affects every child differently. Finding any fixed rule about it is impossible and cognitive growth is a significant reason behind that. Through cognitive growth, experts mean a child’s growing skills of thinking, learning, and reading. Everybody does not get the same exposure. 

Social/emotional growth is a vital part of the psychological development of a child as both are influenced by external factors. So, this section of child psychology is versatile as well. 

Now you know the meaning of child psychology and the things that it deals with. It is time to move forward with the importance of child psychology. 

Importance of Child Psychology

Importance Of Child Psychology

Anything that exists under the sun has its importance. Child psychology is the study of a child’s frequent-changing behavior. You can understand your child better with a vivid knowledge of this area. The importance of this subject is easier to explain with an example. 

Suppose your child is annoyed very quickly or they do not show interest in any activities, you usually will scold them. But a parent who studies child psychology will never do that. He will notice certain changes in the child’s behavior and try to figure out the reasons behind them. 

When the child is uncomfortable with an ambiance, they usually express their resentment by being annoyed. So, try to address the reason behind her lack of comfort. Thus, your child will acknowledge your effort, and the next time they will not hesitate to tell you the reason directly. 

This is a common nature of child psychology. Create a strong basis of faith. Once your kid can trust you, they will never hide their inconveniences from you. Try to understand their point of view instead of scolding them. Child psychology helps you apprehend your child better, and here lies its importance. 

Who is the Father of Child Psychology?

Jean Piaget Father of Child Psychology

Jean Piaget has explained through his thesis containing more than 30 volumes that children are not only the smaller version of adults. Rather they have different thought processes, growth, and cognitive skills. He was the first to point out that children’s thinking process is a lot different than that of adults. In his books, he has shown how child psychological behavior gets significant transformation with time. 

Stages of Child Development Psychology

Dr. Piaget asserted a child’s intellectual development is closely related to emotional, physical, and social development. His research discovered that the reasoning power of young children is limited to concrete objects they can perceive with their five senses. Everything they feel with the sixth sense is vague to them till a certain age. As they reach 11 to 15, they start thinking in terms of ideas, logic, and of abstraction. This is the stage in a child’s psychological development where they finally meet their steps with the adults. 

Child Psychology Theories

Theories of child psychology by Jean Piaget have four stages:

1. Sensorimotor stage: From the birth of a child to two years of age. 

During the sensorimotor stage, the infant learns to react only to physical sensations. In this stage, they learn to coordinate with their body. 

2. Preoperational stage: From two years of age to seven years.

In this stage, the child learns to separate his identity from his mother. Until this age, he thinks his mother and he has the same identities. The preoperational stage introduces him to the ego and ID. The child remains ego-centric in this stage. He thinks that everyone sees the world the way he does. 

3. Concrete operational stage: From 7 to 11 years.

In the concrete operational stage, children’s cognitive development takes place. They learn to think that there are differences in opinions and everybody does not perceive the world similarly. 

4. Formal operational stage: 12-year-olds and above.

In the concrete operational stage, children’s cognitive development takes place. They learn to think that there are differences in opinions and everybody does not perceive the world similarly. 

Few Best Child Psychology Books

Some of the best-known child psychology books include:

  • The Whole-brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel: The book explains how an infant’s brain matures from its wired and complicated version. 
  • Nurture Shock by Po Bronson: The book is a perfect combination of innovative strategies to nurture your child in modern days. 
  • How to talk so little kids will listen by Joanna Faber: The name says it all. This book will help you communicate with your little buds. 

The finishing touch…

So, now you know all the little details about child psychology. Parenting is an outstanding experience because you see new changes in your infant every day. These little discoveries are indeed worth remembering and cherishing. So, accomplish your part at your best and bless them with a healthy childhood. Thus, they thrive as a mentally and physically healthy adult.

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