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Educational activities for Kids on International education day


Divya Chopra




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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

This quote by Nelson Mandela speaks about everything that education means. On the 3rd year of International Education Day, let us discuss what education truly means and dive into three fun and engaging educational activities for your kids!

In the year 2019, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared January 24th as the International Education Day. This day is also celebrated as the National Girl Child Day in India. 

In the last one year, we have all come to terms with the fact that education does not remain confined to the four walls of a classroom. With online learning taking the baton for imparting education on a global level, it’s time we understood and laid emphasis on the very meaning of the term “education.” Education is about celebrating knowledge, learning, innovation and problem-solving in the most creative and practical way possible. For years, we had intertwined the terms ‘literacy’ and ‘education’. It is high time we put a line of division between the two. 

Textbooks and other study materials are tools of education and not education itself. Look around yourself. How many things and real-life situations can you think of which taught you something valuable? There sure are plenty! Until and unless you apply your knowledge gained in real-time, you will not be able to understand what that knowledge truly means. According to Swami Vivekananda, the aim of education is “the development of a strong moral character and not merely the feeding of information to the brain.” Indeed, a good education has the power to decide what kind of a person we grow up to be tomorrow. 

Taking the theme to “recover and revitalize education”, UNESCO is all set to celebrate the international education day on 24th Januray. COVID-19 hit the global educational sector in ways that require immediate recovery. UNESCO wishes to emphasize the idea of collaborative learning and international unity to power the educational vehicle in full force! 

As we progress towards the 3rd year of  celebrating International Education day, here are 3 educational activities for your kids! 

Parents of toddlers are always searching for activities that will not only keep their child engaged but will also educate them about things in and out of their school syllabus. 24th January marks the 3rd year of International Day of Education and we have three such educational activities for your little tot that you must try to engage them in! 

  1. Fun with Fractions – The best way to teach your kids about fractions is from a tangible example. Draw or print fraction pies (circular in shape) and paste it on paper plates. Once the glue has dried out, cut the fraction portions of the plate using scissors. Ask your child to make different whole plates using different sets of fractions! 
  1. A Good Citizen – Educating your child to become a responsible, respectful and kind citizen of the country and society is also an important branch of education. While schools have their own way of teaching children about it, as parents there is something you can do as well! The next time your kid runs out to play in the garden or park with his/her friends, accompany them and introduce a new game! Children will immediately turn to you just by hearing “new game”! Based on the number of children in the park, divide them into two groups. Perform a skit building up different situations. One of the instances can be that a child suddenly slips and falls on the ground while another child walks past him/her. What does the other child do? Does he/she help the one who has fallen down or ignore the incident altogether and continues to walk? Based on their reaction and dialogue, help them understand whether their actions were right or wrong and if so, how can they improve or change it. Perform more such instances and discuss each of them at the end of the play.  
  1. Picture the Alphabets – If you have a child who has just started to learn and spell  alphabets then this activity is a must-try! Give your little one your phone camera and take them to your nearby surroundings. Ask him/her to click pictures of objects for each of the 26 alphabets. When you arrive home, you can check their pictures and reward them accordingly! This way you can evaluate the progress of your kid in a fun way and teach them about their surroundings! 

Education is probably the best gift of a lifetime that you can give your children! Do not miss out on any opportunity that has the capacity to educate your little ones in any way possible. 

Happy International Education Day!

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