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12 Must-Try Extracurricular Activities For After-School

12 Must-Try Extracurricular Activities For After-School


Do you have a child that is looking for something to do after school? Well, it’s not just you and your child but every parent and child across the country. After school hours used to mean hanging out with friends, playing sports or practicing your favourite after-school extracurricular activities for kids. These days, however, parents must be more selective when choosing what their child does in order to stay safe and productive at home. These extracurricular activities for kids provide opportunities for your child to be active and social, helping them develop important team skills such as leadership, collaboration, cooperation and communication. 

12 Fun Extracurricular Activities List for Kids After School Hours

Extra Curricular Activities

After-school extracurricular activities for kids have been proven to be a great way for children to make new friends and socialize. It also gives them the opportunity to explore different interests, gain confidence and develop important life skills such as leadership, teamwork and public speaking. 

Try these 12 fun extracurricular activities for kids.


No, you don’t have to choose a painting or clay class. Some simple sketching can be just as enjoyable as mixing paints and creating pottery pieces. Your child might reap the benefits of having better attendance at school by regularly returning home after hours with drawings ready to hang on the refrigerator! 


Not only can aerobics classes in the park or a swim help your child develop stronger physical skills, it reinforces self-esteem and builds group camaraderie. 


This extracurricular activity is beneficial for several reasons. Not only does it teach children rhythm and musical skills, but also encourages them to coordinate eye and hand movements. 


Encourage your child to become a member of the Club Scouts, Boy or Girl Scouts, or some other organization where they can develop their leadership abilities by participating in various extracurricular activities that ultimately benefit other people. An added bonus for joining a group like this is that it encourages good manners and respect. 

Sports or Martial Arts 

If your child enjoys playing a sport, allow him or her to play on an athletic team. Participating in sports is not only a great exercise, but it will give your child opportunities for leadership and social skills. If he or she doesn’t enjoy traditional sports, encourage them to take up some form of martial arts. 

Volunteer Work 

Such work should be encouraged to get involved with volunteer work from an early age so that they can learn the importance of giving back. They will develop a sense of community and begin to understand the true meaning of charity.


Swimming is more than just a fun hobby, it is also one of the best forms of exercise. Swimming allows joints to move in multiple directions instead of just two that most other sports allow. It will keep your child fit and prevent heart attacks down the road. Teach them to swim as soon as you can so that they have no fear when they are older. 


Cycling is a great hobby as well as one of the great extracurricular activities for kids that won’t cost much. You can also do it at your own pace and not worry about impressing anyone. When cycling, you will also be burning calories and working out muscles that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. 


Learning karate is a very exciting experience for both the parents as well as the children. Every child should get to know the value of self-defence and not let anyone push them around. Be sure to enrol your kid in a good karate school where they will be taught not just self-defence, but also respect and discipline.

Horseback Riding 

Riding horses is an exciting experience for any child or adult . The best ever extracurricular activities for kids. It doesn’t matter if you are taking lessons or riding on your own, horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the outside air and burn those calories. 


Another great extracurricular activity for children that will teach them self-defence is boxing. You can enrol your child in a good boxing school where they will be taught not only self-defence but have fun while staying fit and healthy. 

Model Building

Although it may seem insignificant now, model building is an important step in your child’s learning process. They will learn how to follow directions as well as put various pieces together to create a final product. 

Benefits of extracurricular activities for kids

  1.  Helps and provides self-confidence  to kids
  2. They will build up your child’s self-esteem 
  3. It is a great way to make them feel proud of themselves and what they have accomplished during the day. 
  4. It will teach them how to be independent and take action on their own. 
  5. It can help your child get over shyness as they interact with other people through the activity 
  6. Sports are a great way for your child to stay healthy and fit while having fun. 
  7. If they learn one sport, they can easily find another sport to participate in.
  8. It is a great way for them to have a physical activity which is good for their health and well-being. 
  9. Sports teach teamwork which will help them remain on the right track when it comes to being successful in life 

Drawbacks of Not Having Any Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids

● An unhealthy lifestyle purges in.

● Self-esteem and confidence issues they can develop unhealthy habits like smoking, drugs and alcohol 

● These could harm their chances of doing well in school which is essential when growing up 

● They may have a hard time making friends during their teenage years as they lack proper social skills 

● They become bored easily and could use this as an excuse to get into trouble 

● They may not have a proper hobby other than video gaming or something of the sort. This will make them feel empty inside


The importance of extracurricular activities for kids is very crucial. If you’re a parent, then we know how challenging it can be to have an after-school routine. There are always so many things that need our attention and time as parents, but don’t let the stress get to you! Hopefully, these 12 extracurricular activities for kids or students from various hobbies will help them grow in different ways while also having fun. In addition to these suggestions, make sure they are getting plenty of sleep each night, drinking lots of water and staying active during the day.

Stay healthy, Stay happy!

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