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The 8 Craziest And Fun Activities For Kids In Holi!


Indrani Raha




null mins read


Our Best wishes to you and your family for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long. Have a great fun activities for kids this Holi. Holi hai!! 

Although festivals of colors, gatherings, and happy hugs have a different new strain of corona scare this year. There’s a question on everyone’s mind…Is it safe to play Holi in 2021? It’s time to get smeared in the colors of every hue once again post lockdown and to be happy with an enthusiasm that’s so infectious everyone can’t help but join in! After all those online exams and studying, kids have been eagerly waiting for today. If you are celebrating Holi with your little ones this year, why not engage them in colorful, fun activities for Holi kids?

fun activities for kids at home

Guess what? Before you could waste your precious time searching for it, we have done it all for you. Here are a few fun and creative ways to introduce this festival of color to your child, plus a few unique craft ideas, too, including a Holi t-shirt. We have lined up the best Holi festival activities for early years too! Please give it a read.

Practicing STEM fun activities for kids at home gives your children a great advantage to explore concepts hands-on and in a fun way, without any academic pressure. That’s when pure learning takes place. So why not start with oil, water, and color experiments?

8 craziest and fun activities for kids in Holi:

Oil, Water, and Colour Experiment

oil, water and color experiment: fun activities for kids

You will love this experiment as it will teach children how applying oil before playing with Holi Colors can protect their skin. Begin by applying baby oil on the one hand and dampen the other hand with water. Now take Holi color and rub it on both hands. Ask him to stay with colored hands for 5 minutes and later wash it off his oiled hand, followed by the other hand. Which hand was easier to color off? Oil does not mix well with color, thus forming a thin barrier between the skin and color. Water, on the other hand, mixes easily with color. Hence it is more challenging to get the color off from the hand that was dampened with water.

Disappearing Colours

Disappearing colors: fun activities for kids

This is a great experiment and never fails to amaze children. All you need is food coloring of different colors, laundry bleach, and droppers. Ask your kids to mix food coloring with water in other transparent glasses. Tell them to add laundry bleach with a dropper to each colored solution and see what happens. Depending on the colors they have used, some will fade faster than the others. For more fun, they must keep adding bleach till one of the colored water fades away completely. Guess what! If you help them perform such kinds of activities for kids in Holi, you will be able to unfold the science behind bleach. Bleach contains oxidizers, which react with color molecules, making them lose their color. That’s why we add bleach to stains and spots. That’s how bleach works!

Color balloon Cricket

We bet you this will be one of the craziest and most loving activities for kids in Holi. Give a twist to balloons splat this time with color balloon cricket. Bowl in the color balloons, and your child has to hit them with a cricket bat. All you need is plenty of balloons and vibrant colors. See how they enjoy it. Thank us later.

Water Gun Cup Toss

Holi gun toss: fun activities for kids

Holi for kids is incomplete without water gunplay. Add another dimension to this by stacking disposable cups on top of each other and inviting young ones to toss them by shooting water from their water guns.

Roll and Splash

This is one of the most amazing things to do in Holi, especially for kids. It’s the outdoor water game that makes for a perfect fun Holi game. With a bit of mathematics added in, it is one water-cum-math game both you and your children will love. Pretty easy to set-up; all you need is a big shallow pan/dish. Fill it with water and let your children sit around it in a circle. All players take turns in rolling the dice, and the lucky one who lands up with a six gets to slap his/her hands into the water dish, splashing the water on everyone! Sounds fun, right? We bet it is!

Holi Ladoos

holi laddoos_ fun activities for kids

After all these creative and fun-filled activities, your child deserves a special treat. Not just that, your Holi party can be made all the more enjoyable if you serve your guests some lip-smacking delicacies. Banish hunger at the festival with these yumilicious healthy coconut ladoos. But wait! Take him along with you to make it all the more fun and interesting. To make such authentic and delicious ladoos, you will need desiccated coconut, condensed milk, and food colors.

Help your kid to heat the skillet to dry roast the coconut for 5minutes. Ask him to add condensed milk and stir the mixture until it starts leaving the skillet’s sides. Divide the mixture into different bowls according to the number of food colors you have. Now ask your champ to add 4-5drops of the coloring and roll the mixture into ladoos. This is going to be super fun. We bet! Your Holi ladoos are ready.

Tie-Dye Shirt

This Holi will help your kid to be the most creative person through one of the unique activities for kids in Holi. Any guesses? Well, help him make a tie-dye shirt for himself. Ask him to grab an old plain white or any other solid t-shirt in a light color and roll it up. Once done, ask him to tie elastic bands on the t-shirt at various places. And guess what? Now comes the fun part. Grab fabric paint or tempera paints and let your child color it using his creativity. It is a good idea to use plastic gloves when coloring it. Once done, let it sit for an hour before washing. Dry in the shade, and ta-da…his favorite Holi t-shirt is ready.

 Blow Painting

What better occasion to learn painting with a twist than Holi. With water and colors everywhere, it is time to explore different, fun painting techniques with your kids. Blow painting is one such creative way to make abstract art. And it’s almost uncanny how it makes for the perfect Holi-inspired art.


Now that you’re armed with a series of activities for kids in HOLI go ahead and bring in all the little champs to your home! Get together, spread some cheer and make some beautiful, colorful memories this 2021!

Also, let us know what other activities you had planned for your kids! Share some HOLI SPECIAL photographs too with us.

Happy and colorful HOLI from us to yours!



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