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What Do Parents Need to Know Before Sending Their Child to a Boarding School?

What Do Parents Need to Know Before Sending Their Child to a Boarding School?


Boarding schools are a popular option for many parents. This type of school can offer quality education and is often more affordable than private schooling. However, the decision to send your child to boarding school should not be taken lightly. In this blog post, we will explore what you need to know before making this decision, as well as some helpful tips on how to make the transition easier for your child!

What is a Boarding School?

Boarding schools are designed to provide students with an environment similar to college. Parents will often send their children to these programs for them to attend a high-quality education, but they have the added benefit of allowing kids time away from home and parents.

Benefits of a Boarding School

If you’re planning to send your child to a boarding school, then you should check out the pros and cons to finalize the decision. Hence, let’s check out the benefits first!

1. Your Child Will Grow Independently in a Boarding School.

This is one of the main benefits of sending your child off at a young age. Your kid will be given time and space to grow independently without being tethered by family responsibilities or parental guidance, which can help them develop independence in other areas as well!

2. Your Child Will Earn Better Grades.

Boarding schools often have more stringent attendance policies than traditional high schools. This means that your child will focus on their studies rather than be distracted by socializing and other free-time activities during the school day. A study from Queens University in Canada found a correlation between compulsory education and better grades for students.

3. Children Will Learn Discipline and Responsibility.

Boarding schools are often structured in such a way that they teach discipline and responsibility. The classes must be attended on time, and the rules are pretty strict. Students learn to take care of themselves, which is not something most children experience at home. This will teach them to grow in a disciplined manner and also help them to learn life skills.

4. International Friends in Boarding School.

Boarding school also helps a child to make international friends. For those who are too shy or introverted, boarding schools offer the perfect opportunity for them to blossom socially and make new friends from different cultures. School life is very diverse because all these children come together from various backgrounds, so there’s no chance they will be bored or lonely.

Disadvantages of Boarding Schools

Now that we saw the benefits, it is time to have a look at the cons.

1. Your Child Will Lack Family Love.

Boarding schools are not the place where young children should be sent. It is a challenging environment for them, as they won’t have their family with them all of the time and will lack love at home.

Some people find themselves feeling lonely when living away from their loved ones in places like boarding schools.

2. Your Child Will Miss Out on Many Things That Day Schoolers Enjoy

Some parents might be under the impression that their child will get a lot more out of day school than boarding school, but this is not true. When kids are in school, they do have some free time and can enjoy themselves as well. Boarding schools deprive them of trips or even holidays with family members who live far away.

3. Some Children Won’t Fit In.

Some children might find themselves unable to fit into a place where strangers surround them. Boarding schools offer an intense academic environment that is just as competitive as day schools; it’s just more difficult without your family and friends there to back you up. With children from various backgrounds, there are chances of your child feeling alienated.

4. Strict Rules Can Tire Them.

Childhood is a phase to enjoy and learn from. Boarding school will make your child feel too old for their age. Boarding schools are often rigorous and can be borderline abusive at times; they might find themselves being punished for things that may not seem fair to them.

5.They’ll Feel Too Responsible at a Very Young Age.

Boarding schools impose a lot of responsibility on students. These responsibilities can be overwhelming and make children feel as if they’re adults rather than kids. While responsibility is an excellent trait to uphold, we know that too much of anything is good for nothing.

6. Old-Fashioned Customs

Boarding schools impose old-fashioned customs and traditions, which can be difficult for children. Older kids might find themselves doing things they’d instead not do, such as taking baths in sinks or running around naked outside. Younger children may have trouble adjusting to the new environment because it’s so different from home life.

7. Your Child Might Not Like the Food.

If your child is picky about food, he may not like the food served in boarding schools. This can result in fear of trying new things and becoming an even more selective eater than before. Children in such cases might end up starving themselves, which will worsen the situation.

We Have Answers to Your Questions.

Apart from the pros and cons, we understand you have other questions. We have gathered answers to some of the most common questions asked by parents about boarding schools.

Is boarding school not safe?

Boarding schools are not as safe as home. Parents should be aware that their children might experience emotional trauma due to the lack of parental supervision and guidance in boarding school life.

Do Parents Have Any Say?

Parents don’t have much control over where their children will stay after being admitted to a boarding school. There may be other things such as predatory behaviour that parents should be aware of.

What About the Social Aspect?

Boarding school life is not much different from a student’s regular day-to-day lifestyle. Parents can have peace in mind knowing their child will make new friends and learn more about themselves through this process because they’re always around people.

Will, My Child-Like Going to a Boarding School?

Some parents may worry about how their children will react to this new lifestyle. The truth is, more and more kids are asking for a boarding school experience because they want an adventure. But some children dislike it intensely. So ask their suggestions before enrolling them in.


If you’re a parent considering sending your child to a boarding school, these are the essential points to guide you through all the steps. Boarding schools can be an enriching experience for everyone involved. Don’t hesitate on making this decision. Choose the right one!

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