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10 Tips for Handling Kids When Others are Around






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Good parenting is hard. That’s a fact for many parents, but what about when you’re in public? When you’re out with your kids, it can be difficult to keep them from making a scene or getting into something they shouldn’t. Wondering about ways to handle kids when they are in public? This blog post will give you 10 tips that will help make your time spent with children go more smoothly—no matter where you are!

parenting tips to solve behavior problems

Need for Handling Kids When Others Are Around

The need for handling kids when others are around is a significant factor. There’s no reason to have your child be the center of attention or, more importantly, cause an unpleasant scene. If you are reading this and have never been around children before, I’m not going to tell you what “the best” way to handle kids when others are around is. Each family has their own methods of doing things like this-they’re all different! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that can solve everyone’s problem. But some of the common tips are mentioned somewhere below.

Ways of Handling Kids When Others are Around

Give Them Something to Do! 

If you have a fidget spinner, put it in their hands. A small toy like this will keep your child engaged for the time being and allow you to focus on what’s important—talking with other people or just having some down time. It’ll also help prevent destructive behavior!

Don’t Raise Your Hand on the Child

Yes, never ever in front of other people. We’re not saying that you need to be a tyrant and never use your hand on the child, but doing it in front of others will make them think there’s something wrong with you or your relationship with the children.

Make Them Greet the Elders as Soon as They Walk In

One of the things we’ve found to be really important is for kids to offer a greeting when they enter into any social setting. Teach them to mind their behaviour. It’s great because it helps them learn how to properly greet people and show respect, but it also teaches them that there are certain types of behaviors at different times.

Teach Them Not to Have Negative Body Language 

Kids don’t always want to be with their parents, and one of the ways they show it is through how they act or what they say. The important thing for you to do is teach them that this type of negative behavior will not be tolerated while others are in the room.

Teach Them Not to Have Anything from the Guest’s Plate .

Many parents tell their kids that they’re not allowed to have anything from the guest’s plate when people come over, but this is a really good rule for adults too. And it doesn’t just apply to food!

Teach Them How to Say No  Politely. 

One of the most important things you can teach your kids about is the appropriate way of talking. Tone should be humble and polite, but firm and clear.

Teach Them to Stop When Someone Tells Them to.

When your child is playing with a toy and another person in the room wants to stop because of some genuine reason, then they should know to stop. This takes some practice for young kids because it’s not always easy to go against one’s own will.

Teach Them to Ask for Permission Before Touching Someone Else’s Possessions.

While handling kids, teach them about boundaries that are important while interacting with others, especially as they grow older and start inviting friends over on their own. This also helps teach kids to respect other people’s property.

Teach Them It’s Not Important to Have Everything in Life

Show them that it’s not important to have everything they wish to have. The less your child demands from others, the better their relationships will be with those around them.


So, if handling kids is your headache,  there you have it! We hope these tips for handling kids are helpful in preparing for the next time your kids act or hang out. Remember to stay calm and keep things simple; don’t try too hard or over-think what you need to do. And when all else fails, just remember that no one is perfect-even parents with their children around! 

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