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10 Difficult Decisions Parents Make For Their Children

10 Difficult Decisions Parents Make For Their Children


You never know how tough it can be to make decisions for your children until you are in the position of a parent. From picking their clothes to deciding what they want for breakfast, parents have many difficult choices to make on behalf of their children. Even though it may seem like small things now, when these seemingly minor decisions turn into significant life events such as choosing a college or career path, we see just how big our parenting has had on them. This blog post will discuss 10 difficult decisions that parents have made and continue to make every day that help shape who their children become as adults.

10 Difficult Decisions Parents Make:


Being a parent isn’t an easy job, and when we speak of shaping a child’s personality, a lot of confusion arises. One aspect is decision-making because it plays a vital role in a child’s life. Here are ten difficult decisions parents make to ensure their child is on the right path.

Choosing a School

The decision to send a child to public or private school can be hard for parents. With the high cost of college looming in front of them, they must make an informed decision about whether their child will get more from going to a private school than attending public schools.

Which Parent Is Going to Stay Home

The decision to stay home with the children or go back into the workforce is difficult for most parents. Most families find themselves in this predicament when they learn that there are less expensive childcare options outside of their homes. It’s important to consider what type of work an individual does and whether it can be done remotely. Some careers require an individual to be on-site, and if that’s the case, it may not make sense for them to stay home.

Choosing a College Out of State

The decision about whether or not to send their child out of state when college is a few years out is a tough one. Most parents are concerned about the financial aid their child will receive and whether or not they’ll be able to find adequate housing in that location. The decision on where to go for college can impact what career path someone chooses as well.

When It’s Time to Get a Driver’s License

Parents have to decide whether or not they will let their child get a driver’s license at 18. They also need to consider if they want them driving in the city, suburbs, or rural roads and what sort of vehicle they should start with. A driver’s license shouldn’t be taken just because the child is liable to have one. The child must know how to drive, and parents often won’t be aware of their driving skills. So, it is a tough decision to make, especially when children move differently when parents aren’t nearby.


Parents also have to decide whether or not they want their children vaccinated. There are certain vaccinations that doctors recommend more than others, and often parents don’t know what the vaccine is for when they opt-out of them. The safety of vaccines has been debated, but scientists say there’s no link between autism and any vaccination.

Unplugging from the Internet

We all know how hard it is to get away from the internet. But, parents have to decide if their children will be allowed access when they’re not at home, which can feel like an impossible decision for many people. Parents often want kids to unplug and play outside because screens are too tempting, but on the other hand, there is so much information and tools available on the internet. Moreover, when parents take the internet privilege away, children tend to rebel, which further leads to a heated argument.


No one wants to argue. So, it can be hard for parents when their children have a disagreement, and they’re not sure how to handle the argument appropriately. They want to make both of their kids happy, but there is no perfect solution that will please everyone, so they must try hard in order to solve the problem effectively. Here the parents have to decide whether to let go of the pain and let the child win or still side with the truth even if it hurts the child.


There are many things a parent has to deal with when it comes down to food. One of the most common dilemmas is what type and how much their child should eat, but this decision can change from day to day depending on various factors.

For example, if the kid came home hungry and asked for pizza, would you consider their health or happiness? The decision here will have two outcomes. If you buy unhealthy food as and when they wish, they’ll get addicted to it and want more. But if you deny, they’ll temporarily be mad at you but also will be benefitted by good food.


Another difficult decision to make is what clothes your child should wear. It depends on the type of weather, but also their personality and style. For example, if you have little girls in winter outfits for a hot summer day, they’ll be uncomfortable and too warm – it’s not fun at all! Also, if you ask them to wear a dress out of this comfort zone, they’ll start to resist.

Extracurricular Activities

Parents should also decide What activities their children should do, even if they don’t have time. These are important for developing your children’s skills and any that you want them to be good at in school or life. Failure to engage them in such extracurricular activities will deprive them of skills.

Final Thoughts

It’s fun to help your kids with decisions. No matter how hard the decision, if your child is enough to have a say in it, let them do it. Always remember that it is their lives, and you’re only here for a little while.

Happy parenting, you all!

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