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The Science Behind How Hobbies Can Improve Your Brain Health!

The Science Behind How Hobbies Can Improve Your Brain Health!


Hobbies for kids are a fun way to spend one’s time. Children love playing and it is imperative that we encourage them to sing and dance in a fun environment. At Orchids, we pay particular attention to developing your child’s soft skills. We enhance their co-curricular abilities by giving them an opportunity to practice different kinds of activities. In this blog post we will examine the science behind playing hobbies for kids, how they can affect your children’s brain health and keep them fit and active.

Hobbies for kids help in overall development

What are hobbies for kids and what’s their significance?

A hobby is an activity that is done during one’s free time. All hobbies for kids have a foundational base on which one’s mental and physical health are improved for the better. Kids are by and large mostly interested in them, sometimes at the expense of not studying! This is why after the age of five children should spend quality time immersing themselves in hobbies for kids. This could be from singing to playing an instrument to playing a sport or public speaking. In such a situation, kids feel empowered, inspired and motivated. Their drive to perform them is like adding fuel to the fire – the more they activate their bodies the more beneficial it is to them. What more do children need than fire in their bellies?

How do hobbies for kids have an impact on brain health?

At Orchids, your child takes part in swimming pool sessions, public speaking, musical lessons, sports, dance, reading and writing. We leverage their intellectual powers along with their physical prowess. Crucial to these is the need for them to activate their minds to advantage. Integral to hobbies for kids is that their mental capacity to understand each other improves; their drive to perform outside school hours increases; their imagination can run wild in such a scenario where they are offered a chance of escape. It is said that if you give a child a need to perform they will do so with tremendous zeal and alacrity. This is the main function of the chemical dopamine – it is responsible for pleasure-seeking behaviour and in a child, it motivates them to do more and more.

Hobbies for kids can have a massive impact

Which hobbies for kids are the best for their overall development?

The arts are a great way of escape; sports play a major role in the sudden rush of dopamine in the head. These activities, when done continuously, engage your child positively. Critical to dopamine equilibrium is that a particular task is done repeatedly. Therefore, if your child continues to paint or sing, it is likely that she will continue to engage in it through the function of dopamine. All pursuits done with the intention of achieving something can be attributed to dopamine efficiency. It is what is responsible for the “feel-good” feeling. In fact, dopamine is in control of your child’s mind. If you are able to control it, you are controlling your mind too. This explains why keeping oneself occupied is a sure way to allow dopamine to adapt and readapt constantly.

Children should be engaged in hobbies for kids.


The kinds of hobbies for kids that can improve mental health are yoga and meditation. In India, there are a number of yoga institutes where children learn to twist their bodies and close their eyes while chanting. Yoga forms a bedrock of our cultural heritage from which kids can learn a lot. If you teach your child its basics it will add immense value to their physical capacities. Such is the worth of this practice that it helps, aids and relegates kids’ sense of self into a coherent whole. Performing yoga with your little one will offer her a new way of seeing and experiencing things. A whole new world will open to her as her blood circulation will improve and this will enable her to perform doubly in other enterprises. Yoga therefore is a surefire way to embolden your munchkins and give them a good boost of self-confidence.

There are numerous hobbies for kids out there

At Orchids, we chase dreams and see to it that they are realised. Hobbies for kids offer your child a chance to work on their in-built skill sets and if harnessed properly, will lead them to glorious futures. Let us wait for that.

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