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How to Raise a Strong and Confident Child


Divya Chopra


Parents Corner




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The Play of Confidence

A confident child blooms out in a school play.

“Mom! I got selected for elocution!” And thus began your post-dinner rehearsals with your confident child. Endless rounds of reciting the poem, making every pitch, sound, and pronunciation just perfect. The big day arrives. You clap and cheer as your kid’s name is announced. But, you sense something odd. Her walk is slower. She forgets to introduce herself. Words start to fumble as she nears the second stanza, her hands sweaty, and she leaves the stage almost in a rush after saying a pale “Thank you.” You hurry backstage to hug her as she cries, “I don’t know what happened to me.” And then you realize how confidence in kids plays a huge role in their success, even if they have worked hard enough to deserve it. 

Confident child is inherent and are ready to take on any task positively, while others have a hard time acquiring this much-needed trait. We all have been at a loss of confidence at some point in our lives – be it our first time on stage or learning to drive a car. Your toddler may feel unconfident at times but you should never let them accept this as something permanent. Confidence can be acquired at any stage of life! 

Teach decision making skills to instill confidence in kids.

7 Simple Tips on How you Can Raise a High-achieving Confident Child 

Be a role model –

Kids are highly influenced by the ways in which their parents act or behave. If you are a parent who carries out your daily tasks confidently, it will be a major source of encouragement for your kid to be confident just like you!

Books that inspire –

There are several books that help in increasing your child’s self-confidence. Some contain stories of a shy kid’s journey towards living a confident life while some display the importance of having a strong self-esteem in different situations. Every character in these books has something to teach and it is one of the best ways to induce confidence in your young lad! You can easily find a list of such books online! 

Diary of a WImpy Kid books may raise a confident child

Do more of what you love –

Encourage your child to perform more activities which they are good at or which they simply love to do! When one feels happy and satisfied after doing what they love, it boosts their self-confidence. This may also help them work confidently in other tasks.

Competition with yourself –

It is often seen that when kids constantly compare their performance with that of their peers, they struggle to act confidently. As parents, you should tell them to not lose their confidence by competing with others. Rather, they should work towards being a better version of themselves, everyday. 

A healthy lifestyle –

Another great way to help raise a confident child is to convey to them the role and importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Balanced diet, regular exercise, etc. helps in boosting confidence as it makes you aware of your potential and maintain your overall well-being. 

Watching their favourite lego character eating carrot may instill a confident child

Facing fears –

Is your child shy to address a crowd, so much that it gives him jitters each time he gets up on stage? The best way to boost his/her confidence is to participate in more such activities to overcome this fear. Encourage your child to participate without thinking about the results or the outcome. It’s okay to make mistakes. After all, that’s how all of us learn, right? Motivate them to give it a shot, no matter what!

Be a helping hand –

Helping the needy or volunteering at an NGO for a few days a month can also help increase confidence in kids. It can make them realise their hidden potential and their ability to do wonders, only if they gather the courage to do it. 


Confidence in kids will always keep them going in every situation, be it good or bad. Every parent wants their child to grow up to become a strong and confident individual. Encouraging them to do better everyday and motivating them to participate in activities helps them trust their capabilities, ultimately hoisting the flag of confidence in kids. Follow these tips to watch your little one prepare to take on the world! 

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